Sunday, June 19, 2011

YCS Providence 2011 Highlights

I think Youtube is starting to limit the amount of text you can put in the description...either that or I just wrote too much stuff. Either way, here you go guys :)

The winner was Tyree Tinsley with Tengu Synchro.

Karakuri Banish Deck Profile

Vayu Turbo Deck Profile

Counter Fairy Gladiator Deck Profile

Valhalla Hyperion Deck Profile

Round 1:
Frog Monarchs defeat Tengu Valley

Round 2:
Blackwings 2-0 X-Sabers

Round 3:
Fabled defeats Tengu Synchro (even after a game loss)

Round 4 :
Agent Angel defeats X-Sabers

Top Tables: Round 5
5 Tengu Synchro
2 GK
1 Mystic Piper Chaos
1 Agent Angel
1 Karakuri
2 SS
1 Zombie
3 Scrap
1 Hyperion Herald
1 Infernities
1 Frog Monarch
1 X-Saber

Round 5:
Valhalla Hyperion defeats Plant Synchro

Round 6:
Water Tengu defeats regular Tengu Synchro

Round 7:
Chaos Worms defeat Scraps

TG Tengu Synchro defeats regular Tengu Synchro

Round 8:
Samurai defeat Hyperion Herald

Agent Angel defeats TG

Round 9:
Psychics defeat TG

Vayu Turbo defeats straight Blackwings >:(
Round 10:
Fabled defeats Frog Monarchs

Gravekeepers defeat Agent Angel

Top 32:
Scraps defeat TG

Top 16:
Hyperion Herald defeats Frazier Smith, running X-Sabers

Top 8:
Six Samurai defeat Macro Cosmos
(I personally recommend reading this one. Not just because I play D-Fissure, but because these duels are amazing.)

Finals - Tyree Tinsley vs. Reinaldo Lainez

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