Sunday, July 17, 2011

Expanded Version of NAWCQ 2011 Highlight Reel

The winner was Hansel Aguero with Tech Genus.

Round 1: SS defeat GK

Round 2:
Tengu Synchro defeats Blackwings +Genex Ally Crusher

Vincent Paglia wins Tengu Synchro mirror match

Round 3:
Water Synchro defeats Hero Beat

Agents defeat SS

Round 4:
GKs 2-0 Tengu Synchro

GKs defeat Junk Doppel

Round 5 Top Tables

Round 5 :
Six Samurai defeat TG

Nizar Sarhan (SS) defeats Junk Doppel

Successful Decks:

Round 6:
TG 2-0 Tengu Synchro

Round 7:
GBs defeat TG

Tengu Gadget Deck Profile

Round 8:
Tengu Gadgets defeat Water Synchro

Round 9:
TG defeats Psychics

Standings after Day 1 (Round 9)

Tech Genus Deck Profile

Round 10:
Tengu Synchro 2-0s Agents

Round 11:
Tech Genus Mirror Match

Standings after all Swiss Rounds (Round 11)

Anti-Monster Deck Profile

Top 64:
Miracle Heroes defeat Frazier Smith with Agents
Top 16

Agents defeat Elemental Heros

Top 8

Tengu Synchro Mirror Match

Jibri Thomas vs. Bo Tang for the 6th WCQ Slot (Tengu Synchro Mirror?)

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