Sunday, August 31, 2014

The thing about Spell Chronicle

By now, you've all probably heard a lot about the hype surrounding Spell Chronicle. If not, here is a conveniently short summary:

Possibly sometime on August 29, 2014, a group of influential and well-known players like Jeff Jones, Alyx Lisgathe, and Bodan Temnyk decided to start a fake hype train around Spell Chronicle by posting on Facebook and elsewhere that they were buying any and all copies of the card.,qgucJ0v,kL
Much of the hype was based on the purposefully flawed logic that Spell Chronicle could trigger the effects of multiple Shaddolls at once (which is not true because the discard is a cost and not part of the effect of the card). This all resulted in a gigantic price jump:

This is not to say that Spell Chronicle is a totally useless card, despite the fact that it's pretty bad. It can be used (terribly) in Burning Abyss decks, or as part a specific degenerate win condition. It can also apparently do this:

The only reason I have for making this post, other than to inform anyone who happens to read it, is just to say this: I have gained a gigantic amount of respect for everyone who feels that this joke is a negative development within our community.

Thanks for reading.

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