Sunday, March 1, 2015

VALENS LETEURTRE WINS YCS PRAGUE!!! (with coverage highlights)

Congratulations to Valens Leteurtre, who just won YCS Prague with his Burning Abyss deck! Also, congrats to Denis Begirl for coming in second place with his Nekroz deck.

For the first ever YCS in the Czech Republic, this event definitely proved itself interesting with the victory of Burning Abyss even after Nekroz proved their dominance in Seattle. To be fair though, there was no official constructed winner in Seattle - does this mean that Burning Abyss are still a viable winning choice going forward? Continue reading for articles from the event collected below!

A. Top Cut

Top 32:
23 Nekroz
6 Qliphort
3 Burning Abyss

B. Feature Matches

Round 1: Qliphorts defeat Yosenju

Round 2: Nekroz defeat Satellarknights

Round 3: Nekroz Mirror Match

Round 4: Volcanics defeat Nekroz

Round 5: Nekroz defeat Ritual Beasts

Round 6: Nekroz defeat Qliphorts

Round 7: Burning Abyss defeats Yosenju

Round 8: Nekroz Mirror Match

C. Deck Profiles

Yosenju Deck Profile:

Hero Deck Profile:

Satellarknight Deck Profile:

Qliphort Deck Profile:

Nekroz Deck Profile:

D. Miscellaneous Updates


Tech Update:

Round 3 Top Tables:

Round 6 Top Tables:

Round 9 Top Tables:

Complete Deck Breakdown:

Day 2 Deck Breakdown:

Complete Nationality Breakdown: (lol Germany had over ten times as many representatives as the country the event was held in)

Day 2 Nationality Breakdown:

Complete Day 1 Coverage:

(Stay tuned to the coverage page at [] for additional updates throughout the week, as technical difficulties have prevented several articles from being uploaded at the moment.)

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