Monday, April 20, 2015

BARRETT KEYS WINS YCS BOGOTA, COLOMBIA!!! (with coverage highlights)

Congratulations to Barrett Keys, who just won YCS Bogota, Colombia! Although he was originally playing Nekroz throughout the majority of the tournament, players had to switch to Battle Pack 3 Draft format after the Swiss rounds ended and Top 16 began. Also, congrats to Galileo de Obaldia for coming in second place; he was also originally playing Nekroz. Continue reading for articles from the event collected below!

Winner source:


Top 4:

Top 8:

Top 16:
10 Nekroz
2 Shaddoll
1 Satellarknight
1 Burning Abyss
1 Qliphort
1 Volcanic

Standings after Round 4:

Standings after Round 5:

Standings after Round 6:

Standings after Round 7:

Standings after Round 8:

Standings after Round 9 (End of Swiss):


Day 1 Start:

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