Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why are we waiting so long for the October 2014 banlist?

Unfortunately, I have to preface this with the obvious reminder that this post will be mostly irrelevant later on in the week; however, at the moment I feel that this is a legitimate short discussion to bring up.

The current banlist expires in eight (correction: seven) days; next Wednesday Tuesday, to be precise. So, where's the new one?

Yesterday, the game's official Facebook graciously took some time to address our concerns, posting this message:

I really do appreciate the use of social (or any) media by Konami to keep us somewhat in the loop about what's going on with them, but I think it's pretty understandable to be confused about what exactly is going on over there right now that's keeping them from posting the next list.

Why exactly are we waiting? I have heard numerous times that the list is finalized weeks ahead of its formal online posting, so what actual need is there to keep it from us even though the current format is ending?

I've seen Konami employees complaining about being badgered about the list, but I think it would be easier to make that argument if you guys could also let us know exactly why we're waiting for it. It would become a lot less justifiable to constantly bother you if we knew you had a legitimate reason for making us wait (and what the reason was), on top of the expected timeframe for releasing it (as given above). But for some reason, Konami doesn't seem to like telling us things like that very often. That's why I feel it's important to show them that we care when they take a few seconds out of their day to actually inform us of something worthwhile, as seen above.

And we aren't just complaining out of a lack of patience - there's a major North American YCS coming up pretty soon, and it's kind of hard to make preparations to go to an event that will be mostly operating under a format no relevant player is even aware of yet. So if there's a good reason for this, great - just don't be surprised that we aren't taking it seriously when we don't even know what it is.

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