Sunday, September 14, 2014

October 2014 Banlist Discussion / Wishlist

Hey guys! As you probably remember, the current banlist will expire after September 30. This format's list was announced 11 days before the end of the last format, so it's reasonable to think that Konami might publish the upcoming list around September 19. So, now's not a bad time to begin discussing it.

Right now in Yugioh, there are two kinds of decks: old and new. While three of the new decks from Duelist Alliance have been extremely popular and successful at recent events, we all know that Konami tends to dislike making changes to a card's position on the list too soon after its release, both as a method of protecting consumer confidence and the possessions of the players.

I think the upcoming banlist could go one of two ways. They could do effectively nothing significant, similar to the last two banlists, or they could take this as an opportunity to carry out some housekeeping on the "older" decks that have had a recurring presence in tournaments, like Mermails, Infernity, Lightsworn, Bujin, and Geargia (they're not actually going to hit Geargia though; there's a Structure Deck coming up). I think it'd be convenient for Konami to hit those kinds of decks now since barely anybody is using them anymore, so they can take care of them while not really pissing as many people off since they aren't that relevant at the moment anyways. Also, it could help force any holdouts to buy into the newer decks from DUEA in order to stay competitive, reinforcing their bottom line a little bit - remember, decks like Mermails and Fire Fist have still been taking regional tops as of late.

I don't have as detailed of a personal wishlist this time around since I haven't played in real life since March, but there are some big general changes I'd like to see happen. First and foremost, I wish they'd hit the OP cards from Dragons of Legend, and secondly, I seriously think Infernity has had a long enough run now and doesn't need to be competitive anymore. Also, that whole housekeeping thing from earlier would make me pretty happy.

The changes I want to see are really not that different from last time it was list season, but hey, that's what happens when few of them get addressed. Here they are:

Banned: 2
Judgment Dragon
Soul Charge

Limited: 13
Artifact Moralltach
Bujin Yamato
Fire Hand
Ice Hand
Infernity Necromancer
Madolche Anjelly
Mermail Abyssteus
Evilswarm Ophion
Super Polymerization
Vanity's Emptiness

Semi-Limited: 6
Tour Guide From the Underworld
Fire Formation - Tenki
Reckless Greed
Dimensional Prison
Mirror Force

There are a couple of hits that are relevant to this format, but for the most part, this list is just housekeeping for all of the powerful things that have been vomited out over the past few months / years. Go ahead and get mad ;) Until next time!

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