Friday, September 27, 2013

Deck Profile: Tempest Simorgh

Hey guys, here's an original deck profile for you! I've told you all recently about how I've been in desperate need of a new playable deck for locals, and the other day I was going through my computer looking for a screenshot of a deck that I used to toy around with last year that I thought might be able to make an impact. Just before reaching that concept, I found a picture of another deck I used last year that caught my interest, not for locals, but just for the fun of it. I started thinking about how I could bring this deck up to speed, and before long, a certain Dragon Ruler came to mind...

So as you can see, this is none other than a Wind Chaos deck, which to the best of my knowledge is not a particularly well-represented strategy in Yugioh. But since Wind is my favorite Attribute, I was very interested in re-creating the deck as soon as I saw it. This is the second revamp version I've created so far, and it's already much better than the first, which used things like Debris Dragon and Spirit Reaper.

The reason why Tempest came to mind originally is because I realized that getting a search simply because you banished him to summon another big monster (in this case, Dark Simorgh) is exactly the kind of stuff that makes Dragon Rulers so good. Tempest can also use its unique Dragon searching effect to find Dark targets for Simorgh's summon if you haven't drawn any, and both monsters are Level 7 so you can summon Rank 7 Xyz with them. These three synergies might not sound like much, but they're actually really great and create the foundation of this deck. Now that I've explained a little bit of the backstory, let me jump into all of the card choices. Since this isn't a mainstream deck, I'll go ahead and tackle the majority of them to make sure you know what's going on.

1. I opted to play Corsesca as an additional search target for Tempest because being a Level 1 Tuner plays nicely with Tempest, Simorgh, and Tetherwolf, whereas Debris Dragon doesn't even have any non-Tuner targets in this deck. It also lets me play Cards of Consonance for draw power, which is excellent since not many non-archetype decks have much natural draw power.

2. Armored Bee and Gyroid are two of the best standalone Wind monsters: while Bee can take down anything with 3200 ATK or below and can be summoned straight from the deck to perform this task thanks to Summoner Monk, Gyroid is just a great card to build a field on and alleviate slow early games since it handles aggression so well. Tetherwolf is a really handy card - it does a similar job as Armored Bee since it's able to kill any monster 2500 or less, but being a Level 7 that you can Normal Summon opens up even more Rank 7 plays with Tempest and Simorgh.

3. Summoner Monk is one of the key engines of the deck. It puts dead copies of Consonance or Sacred Sword to use, and can pull a Wind monster straight from the deck to help with summoning Simorgh or Tempest. Your usual choices would be Armored Bee, who can slash someone's ATK and combine into a Rank 4, or Mist Valley Soldier, who lets you summon a Level 8 Synchro and put a Wind and a Dark in the graveyard immediately for a Simorgh drop. One strong play is to summon Stardust with Monk + Soldier, then banish them both to drop Simorgh. Simorgh/Stardust is a really potent combination, especially on the first turn or when backed up by backrow.

4. Once it gets rolling, this deck banishes a good number of monsters, so Tour Guide is here for powerful Leviair plays. (Unfortunately, Return from the Different Dimension isn't a strong choice here until very late in the game if at all, and we need cards that can be helpful more often. We also wouldn't be bringing back gigantic behemoths like a Dragon Ruler deck would.) She also brings out Zenmaines to stall when I would have a weak early game otherwise, and Temtempo is a nice addition here since stall monsters can be tough to handle for this deck.

5. In my experience, Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon hasn't found a good home in many decks, but this is definitely one exception! I was surprised to find that there were very few good standalone Dark Dragon-type monsters, which I believe to be a necessary inclusion to this deck as a Tempest-searchable Dark target for Simorgh (as mentioned earlier). The thorny oddball also helps to defend against very aggressive decks, and gives me a way to maintain field presence.

6. Breaker might look random, but he acts as kind of a shock absorber that's great for clearing backrows before I attempt to make any big plays. Simorgh might prevent my opponent from setting cards, but it can't do anything about Traps that are already there.

7. I do like Maxx "C" in this deck since it's tough to regain resources after a certain point in the game, but unfortunately I haven't found any space for it yet. Veiler on the other hand is very important for protecting Simorgh and other cards from harmful monster effects, in addition to being another Level 1 Tuner.

8. Triple Typhoon and double Lance largely follow the same logic as Breaker: Simorgh is great at preventing Traps from hitting the field, but it can't handle the ones that are already set. And since he's a slow card to summon, it's necessary to take steps to guard him against potential easy outs.

Hopefully everything else should be easy to understand. Ignore the Side, those are mostly just cards that I stored there as considerations or past picks. Thanks for reading, hope you guys enjoy this unique deck! I'll update you the next time there's a big change to it.

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