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Congratulation to Pat Hoban for winning the first ever ARG Circuit Series with his Dragunity Ruler deck! Also, congrats to Scott Page for coming in second place with his Dragon Ruler deck. Aside from being the inaugural event of the first non-Konami sanctioned championship series, this event was also notable for several things, including the strange absence of Mermails from the Top Cut, Chain Burn making it all the way to Top 4, Fili Luna topping with his signature Blackwings after a two-year hiatus, and the drama surrounding Billy Brake and Frazier Smith's Feature Match in Round 5. (For more info on that drama, click here.)
(Champion source:

Keep reading for highlights of the tournament gathered from ARG's website, conveniently put in one place for your reading pleasure. Thanks for reading this article!

A. Top Cut

Dragon Rulers vs. Dragunity Rulers

Top 4:
3 Dragon Ruler (2 Standard, 1 Dragunity)
1 Chain Burn

5 Dragon Ruler (2 Standard, 2 Dragunity, 1 Blue-Eyes)
2 Prophecy
1 Chain Burn

9 Dragon Ruler (4 Standard, 3 Dragunity, 2 Blue-Eyes)
4 Prophecy
1 Hieratic
1 Blackwing

Total Breakdown of All Participants

B. Feature Matches
(There was no Feature Match for Round 6.)

Round 1: Fili Luna (Blackwings) defeats Evilswarm

Round 2: Paul Cooper (Hieratics) loses to Evilswarm

Round 3: Ninja Dragon Rulers defeat Mermails

Round 4: Prophecy defeats Madolche Psychics

Round 5: Dragunity Rulers defeat Dragon Rulers

Round 7: Fire Fist defeats Prophecy

Round 8: Robert Boyajian loses Dragon Ruler mirror

Round 9: Desmond Johnson (Dragunity Rulers) defeats Paul Clarke (Dragon Rulers)

Top 16:
Dragunity Rulers defeat Dragon Rulers

Dalton Bousman defeats Oscar Zelaya in Prophecy Mirror

Top 8:
Patrick Hoban (Dragunity Ruler) defeats Carlos Medrano (Prophecy)

Top 4: Scott Page defeats Jerry Williams-Anderson in Dragon Ruler mirror 

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