Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drama: Billy Brake vs Frazier Smith, Round 5 Feature @ ARGC Fort Worth [VIDEO]

At this moment the first ever ARGC in Fort Worth is still in progress, but I wanted to take a moment to cover something the community seems to be really up in arms about.

Basically, the drama involves the Round 5 Feature Match between Billy Brake and Frazier Smith, wherein Billy makes a mistake by forgetting to search for Tempest and Frazier decides not to let him take it back. This later spawns into a fight between them and the entire match becomes extremely awkward for the viewer. It’s a little chilling to watch for those of us who’ve never seen either of them play very much, and appears somewhat out of character for Billy Brake. Obviously I don't know him well, but it just seems out of place for a two-time YCS Champion to insist repeatedly that he would've won had he gotten the search. If you want to check the video out, visit the link below and skip ahead to 2:00 for the initial conflict. For additional awkward moments, check out 5:30, 7:40, 9:10, 13:20, 14:20 (this is a big one), 17:22, and 26:28.

Edit: Right after posting this, I checked the link and the video is now private. If anyone else uploads it, I will leave a link to that.

Edit #2: Found a reupload! Enjoy.

My personal perspective on the matter is that while Billy did make a big misplay and shouldn't have been able to take it back, Frazier could have possibly kept the situation from ever getting as tense as it did by talking to Billy like a human being instead of like a robot. It's not too much to ask to say "Hey man, I'm sorry but you misplayed and I can't let you take it back." To make matters even worse, Billy and Frazier were paired up yet again in the Top 16. 

So what do you guys think? Leave a comment and let me know. I'll be back later today with coverage of the full event, including the winner and breakdown on the Top Cut. Stay tuned!

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