Saturday, February 22, 2014

Locals Update #2

Hey guys, I'm back with another update on local tournaments! This one will probably end up being a bit shorter than the last, as I'm only going to cover two tournaments very quickly.

Firstly, on February 7, I went to a tournament with my Blackwing deck. Round 1, I faced a Gladiator Beast deck using triple Tenki and some number of Bears and Tensus. I won the first game pretty easily, but my opponent opened up with several backrow game 2 and I couldn't do much about it so I lost. Game 3, I summoned into a Torrential which let him poke with a monster, tag in Darius, revive Laquari and summon Tiger King and I couldn't come back from it.

Round 2, I faced Geargia. I lost Game 1 mainly due to not using my Kalut when Shura attacked into his set Geargiarmor and his Trap Stun freezing my three backrows before he went off. Game 2 took a while, but was very easy since I opened with Delta Crow and blew away three backrows with it. Finally, in Game 3 I was unable to draw many monsters and he used Creature Swap to help summon Stardust Dragon, which was good for him since I had Skill Drain up. I finally lost when he used Divine Wrath on my Kalut as Blizzard was attacking Stardust, which he wasn't even sure he could do until asking a judge lol. So, yet another scrub! The third one in a row.

I was able to go to another tournament on February 21, and this one was largely a return to normal for me. Here's the decklist I used:

The main changes between this build and the one in my last deck update are the absence of Number 101 and Evilswarm Exciton Knight, which I still don't have. Instead, I'm still playing Crimson Blader and Diamond Dire Wolf. In the last update, I mentioned removing Maestroke for 101, but now I feel like Blader is a better drop since it only works in very specific matchups and is very rare to bring out in the first place with this build. On the other hand, Rank 4s are pretty easy for this build to make.

I faced a guy I've never beaten before in Round 1 who was using a build of Gladiators with Lanista and Icarus Attack. I won Game 1 largely because he couldn't draw a monster for a very long time and just kept taking repeated hits from my Zenmaines. I lost Game 2 due to several misplays in the face of many backrows, but won Game 3 thanks to killing his two Lanistas with Bottomless and then regular Trap Hole. That was literally the first round I've won at locals since like January 3 lol, so obviously I was very happy. I played against Hieratic Rulers for Round 2, and lost Game 1 mainly due to a crappy hand combined with Wingbeat destroying all three of my backrow. I lost Game 2 when his Gauntlet Launcher destroyed both of my monsters and he dropped Blaster and Tempest to attack for game.

I was paired up with another challenging person for Round 3 who turned out to be playing Wind-Ups. Game 1 took a very long time as he stalled me with two copies of Messenger of Peace, but eventually I used Dire Wolf to take down a Messenger by detaching a live Zephyros and destroying my Chained copy of Vulcan. I revived Zephyros and that allowed me to get very aggressive, killing both of his Wind-Up Rabbits and leading to a scoop. I lost game 2 mainly because of Skill Drain getting destroyed, but won Game 3 because we were in time and my opponent used Upstart Goblin, putting him out of range to kill me on the last turn with his Papilloperative attacking my Spirit Reaper.

Somewhat surprisingly, I played against Blackwings for Round 4. Game 1 was very long, and I eventually lost mainly due to a key Fiendish Chain on my Vulcan, preventing me from bouncing Safe Zone to kill his Dark Armed Dragon. My opponent gave me Game 2 when he opened with Bora which fell to Trap Hole, then set four backrow and I hit him with Delta Crow in the End Phase. I lost Game 3 mainly because he went first and opened with Bora and Whirlwind, searching Gale and for some reason summoning it right there and setting three backrow. I opened with double Trap Hole which was just great lol. I couldn't keep a field against his three backrow and eventually, I lost to Dark Armed Dragon, and dropped with a 2-2 record.

Ironically, I pulled a Kalut from my first-ever Astral Pack 4 alongside Archfiend's Oath and Magical Merchant. God I love Astral Pack 4 so much lol. Anyways, even though I had to drop, I was really happy that I beat two challenging people and didn't scrub again.

So that's about all for now guys. I'm going to keep trying to go to tournaments as much as possible, and hopefully I'll have more to write about soon. Thanks for reading!

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