Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blackwing Deck Update (02/12/14)

I realized yesterday that it's been a long time since the last time I showed you guys the deck I'm currently playing in tournaments. So, here it is!

For reference, here's a picture of the last decklist I posted, way back on January 3:

 Here's a list of the changes:
-1 Sirocco, 1 Kochi, 1 Mirror Force, 1 Emptiness, 1 Torrential
-1 DD Crow, 1 Nobleman, 2 Black Horn, 2 DNA Surgery
-1 Stardust, 1 Maestroke, 1 Dire Wolf

+2 Veiler, 1 Dimensional Prison, 1 Delta Crow
+2 Light-Imprisoning Mirror, 1 Debunk, 2 Trap Hole, 1 Overworked
+1 Vulcan the Divine, 1 Number 101, 1 Exciton

And now comes the explanations. Since there are so many changes to cover, I'm going to try and go through these as quickly as possible.

Two Sirocco gets a little cloggy at times with double Reaper in the main since it kind of sucks if you have to give up a Reaper to get Sirocco out, and I realized that it wasn't direly necessary to play two anyways. As much as I enjoyed playing Kochi for the short time that I did, he wasn't really necessary either. I swapped a copy of Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison just because Mirror Force usually only hits one monster anyway, and in that case you'd much rather banish the monster most of the time. I think that Emptiness isn't as good this format now that we have so many decks running around with powerful Normal Summons, and dropping Torrential largely follows the same logic as not playing Dark Hole, in that Blackwings don't benefit much from blowing up their own field.

Over in the Side, I dropped Crow and Nobleman due to their limited reach. Dropping Black Horn of Heaven might seem weird seeing as how that card's gotten a lot of hype lately, but I feel more comfortable with Trap Hole because it can respond to my opponent's plays WAY faster and is harder to play around. I realized that two of the three most popular decks that DNA Surgery hurts (Prophecy, Bujin and Noble Knights) are hurt even worse by Light-Imprisoning Mirror, so I made the switch there.

Finally in the Extra, I cut Stardust since dropping Kochi and one Sirocco makes summoning a Level 8 Synchro less common. That gave me room to add Vulcan the Divine, who's a stellar card but I never made room for before because I couldn't afford it until recently. Maestroke and Dire Wolf were taken out to make room for Number 101 and Exciton Knight since they're the most similar (although I don't have them in real life yet).

Obviously, I added Effect Veiler primarily due to the change in format. Delta Crow is mainly the same - while I originally felt like it was unnecessary for a deck that can run Icarus, you'd be surprised how much big backrows can actually present a problem for Blackwings at times, and those backrows are a more common sight now compared to last format. So it's nice to have a one-card answer to all of them, and that's won me several games so far.

Adding a second Debunk was mainly to help this deck's terrible Fire King matchup at first, but it also gives me another side-in against Dark World and it's great to have now that Mermails are picking up steam again. Overworked is kind of the "odd man out" in my Side right now; I don't feel like it has a huge justification other than the fact that it hits a lot of commonly played decks right now. It's mainly here because I couldn't think of a better card for that 15th slot.

So in the end, those are all of the changes my deck has seen since the last time I showed it to you guys. I can tell that it's a huge amount better now than it was before, especially the Side and Extra. That's all for today, thanks for reading.

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