Friday, January 3, 2014

12/29/13 Locals Report (Jan 2014 Format)

Hey guys! I wasn't able to attend locals for literally an entire month, but I got wind of a special Sunday event one place was holding (a box tournament) and decided to show up. When I got to the store, I helped collect the majority opinion that Top 4 should split the box instead of 1st place getting the entire thing (so that fewer people would have to waste their money and time). Originally I wasn't going to enter if it all went to the first place winner, but since we all agreed it was time to play.

Oh, and here's my decklist by the way. I've added Kochi for its strong chemistry with Shura, Bora and Whirlwind. I was also finally able to find a copy of Blackship before the tournament started. I haven't had much time to develop new Side Deck theories yet, so for now I simply swapped out my two Iron Walls for two DNA Surgeries. If you guys haven't heard yet, Surgery is likely to be a great card this format. It shits on several decks, including Prophecy (which many people also consider to be the best deck), Fire Fist, Bujin, Geargia, and Noble Knights.

Anyways, on to the tournament!

Round 1 vs Gadgets

G1: He opened with Goldfish + Green, but forgot to activate Green lol. I started with Duality, which got me Allure, which got me CFBF. I Typhoon'd his lone backrow, then cut GGX in half with Gale and killed it. I controlled the entire game with just Gale and Reaper, repeatedly killing monsters with Gale which would open the way to rape his hand with Reaper.

G2: Won this one thanks to double Whirlwind, Black Horn, Emptiness, and my opponent accidentally revealing his set cards at least twice lol.


I'm glad that I beat this guy as he's a known cheater and thief, but it's a little bittersweet because I was kind of planning to play this deck in the near future. It makes me want to play it less after having wrecked it like that. :/

Round 2 vs Crystal Beasts
I'm not sure exactly how, but I ended up playing down this round.

G1: Started with Shura + Whirlwind, then immediately killed a monster. I don't remember the rest of this game because literally nothing interesting happened before I won.

G2: I opened with Shura + Whirlwind again, and this time killed TWO monsters with it. (Boy am I glad I added Kochi to my deck.) He used Dark Hole to clear my Wolf and Shura, then  Summoner Monk to summon Vylon Prism and summon Scrap Dragon, taking a 3800 bite out of me. Ouch. However, next turn I simply Normal'd Zephyros, then Special'd two Boras and a Gale. I used Gale to halve Scrap, then had Zephyros attack it and I dropped double Kalut. After everyone else attacked, I went into Cowboy to knock him down to 150 and he didn't have an answer for it next turn.


Okay, at this point there's probably a good chance that I'll top, regardless of what happens next round.

Round 3 vs Noble Knights

G1: He was completely losing until a single Medraut let him bounce back, summoning Sacred Artorigus with three Arms. SCOOP.

G2: I opened with Shura and double Whirlwind, and he scooped at full health when I Warning'd his High Laundsallyn after he invested a lot into making it.

G3: He has Decree on the first turn and I only draw traps. That's a little... convenient. (Edit: I'm not implying that he cheated, just saying that I seem to lose in overly convenient ways sometimes.)


And wouldn't you know it... I DID NOT TOP. Turns out there were just too many x-1s and I somehow didn't rank highly enough. I did get a lot of good trades on that day, but for some reason I can't find the picture I took of them. I know that it included a secret Redox and Tempest, a Forbidden Lance, an Armory Arm, an Adreus, and a Gustav Max though. Thanks for reading!

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