Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Nimble decks and new articles!

Hey guys! If you've been reading here recently, you probably noticed the posts I created covering my Nimble Atlantean decks and how they're going to need some serious changes to become playable again. Those of you who are interested in that strategy might be happy to know that I'm currently investigating not one, not two, but three new incarnations of this deck that I'm very excited to show you. There's no telling how many of those versions will end up good enough to be profiled, but if you're interested, be patient for a little while and they'll be posted in full-length format on within the next few weeks or so.

Not sure exactly what that is? Well, if you're like me and constantly need your fix of Yugioh articles, then you might be interested in knowing that I produce content for that website! Below are links to articles from my regular column, where I discuss and summarize recent news events from the Dueling world. It's basically a full-length and more frequent version of my "monthly news" updates from here on the blog. So take a look, and thanks for reading!

Update #1

Update #2

Update #3

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