Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deck Profile: Exploding Water (Version 2) [Sep 2013 Format]

Here's the second version of my Nimble Atlantean deck!

So, why exactly are there two versions? Well, if you read the OTK Guide that I posted, you'll probably understand pretty quickly why this deck is different: it maximizes the cards that contribute to a potential OTK. We now have triple Marksman, in addition to a second monster to summon with him. We're also packing triple Junk Synchron and two cards to search him out. The result is that this deck is much easier to OTK somebody with. The first version of this deck that you saw a few days ago is essentially a prototype of this deck.

But if that's true, then what was the point in profiling a deck that's isn't at its latest stage? Because personally, I hate OTKs and hyper-aggressive strategies in general. Any type of extreme in this game annoys the living shit out of me. So whenever I felt like playing this deck, I mostly stuck to the first version because it doesn't necessarily have to OTK somebody just to play the game - it lets me stay further from the extremes of this game, and that's something I really appreciate. Since I spent so much time with it, I felt comfortable presenting it to you guys as a viable alternative. It may not be the most focused way to run this strategy, but it definitely still works.

But as I mentioned in the first profile, I've known for a while now that this deck doesn't really have much else going for it other than OTKing. So, in the end I felt that it was necessary to step out of my comfort zone in order to develop the strategy as much as possible and thus create this version.

And in the end, all of that became irrelevant when the January 2014 banlist was revealed. As you can see from the OTK Guide, Tidal is an extremely important part of this strategy, and it just doesn't make sense to play it this way anymore when you only have one copy. This deck is clunky enough as it is; adding an efficient method of searching Tidal would likely make that even worse (assuming that such a method even exists, because I haven't found it yet).

So ironically, the most focused method of playing this deck was the one that got hit the hardest from the list. Not that I'm complaining - I'd really rather not be caught between the feelings of loving something because I created it and hating it because of the way it behaves, and now I don't have to anymore. So as I said last time, I'll be working on a new way of running this deck with only one Tidal, and as soon as I figure that out I'll show you guys. Thanks for reading!

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