Saturday, January 11, 2014

Legacy of the Valiant Add-On Leaks

The good folks over at The Organization have managed to compile a listing of every OCG import and reveal the categories of each World Premiere card in the upcoming Legacy of the Valiant set! Check out the list they've got at the moment:

000 Sylvan Bladefender
081 (World Premiere Sylvan Monster)
082 Ghostrick Tiki
083 (Bujingi Turkey/Duck)
084 (World Premiere Gravekeeper's Monster)
085 Noble Knight Peredur
086 Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms
087 (World Premiere Synchro Monster)
088 (World Premiere Spell Card)
089 The First Monarch

(Edit, 01/12/14: Ghostrick Yeti, not Tiki. Bujingi Pavo, not Turkey or Duck.)

090 Dark Artist
091 Swordsman of a Foreign Land
092 Queen Angel of Roses
093 Rose Witch
094 Snap Dragon
095 Alpacaribou, Holy Beast of the Forest
096 Mighty Warrior
097 Dododo Buster
098 Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast
099 Starship Spy Plane


If this list changes in the future, I'll come back here and update this post. But for now, I've got to say that I'm personally really disappointed in the OCG cards we'll be getting. Hopefully the remaining six World Premieres whose effects we don't know will make up for them! Thanks for reading.

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