Sunday, January 19, 2014


Congratulations to Anders Koh (also known as DSummon from DuelingDays) for winning YCS Sydney with his Karakuri deck! You can see his decklist here.

Sadly, for some reason there isn't as much coverage as usual on Konami's website to report on right now. We're even missing the complete Top 32! So for now, I'll just have to come back here as more information comes in and edit this post. But feel free to check up on the coverage yourself periodically (at just in case anything new comes up.

A. Top Cut

(Currently there is no data to report on the full Top 32.)

Edit: TCGPlayer is constructing an archive of as many Top 32 decks as they can find from the event. You can find that here:

Currently, the archive lists the following decks:
4 Fire Fist
1 Harpie
1 Karakuri

B. Feature Matches

Round 1 - Hieratic Rulers defeat Flamvells

Round 4 - 4-Axis FF defeats 3-Axis FF

Round 7 - Mermails defeat Fire Fist

Round 9 - Fire Fist defeats Machina Geargia

Top 32 - Fire Fist defeats Thunder Family

Top 8 - Prophecy defeats Geargia

Finals - Karakuri defeats Fire Fist

C. Standings Updates

Standings after Day 1 -

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