Thursday, June 26, 2014

06/26/14 Upcoming Product Update: Rule Changes, Quasar Reprint, Burning Abyss, and more

Today, Kevin Tewart released a new article intended to outline and summarize most of the new products set to hit the game throughout the remainder of the year. Here is a step-by-step analysis of every new tidbit this article reveals:

1. There will be a rule change coming to the TCG, set to be revealed in the Beginner's Guide that will accompany the July 11 release of the Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown. This change will presumably match the OCG rule change that took place earlier this year. The change does not become official until July 14.

2. The name of the next TCG World Premiere archetype (similar to how Noble Knights have been released) has possibly been revealed to be Burning Abyss. I guess it'll be a fun two and a half years waiting for this deck to get good.

3. We've known for a little while now that this year's Tins would have Mega Packs, but we now also know that no rarities will be changed for the reprints of the cards included in the Mega Packs. So everyone who's scared of seeing a lower-rarity Dracossack can breathe easy for a little longer, I guess.

4. The 5D's Legendary Collection will not only feature the traditional switched-rarity style Mega Packs, but it'll also include five promos with every box: Shooting Quasar Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, the all-new "Stardust Flash," and two brand-new Nordic monsters.

5. The Power-Up Pack that will come with the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set will have "Platinum Rare versions of cards that go great in any deck, like Effect Veiler or Forbidden Lance."


In addition to all of the above, the article also points out the release dates for each product; some of them having not been revealed previously. Looks like a lot of good stuff is coming up!

07/03/14 Update: One week later, it seems as if this article has been taken down for some reason. The source link above returns an error page, and a manual check of Konami's blog doesn't even show a link to it. So in case the article never comes back, use the following video as a source instead. []

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