Friday, June 27, 2014

Battle Kit 3 Playmats Revealed + Set Spoilers

Take a look at the newly revealed playmats that come with Battle Kit 3, along with some handy set spoilers:

You can also catch a few of the 10 World Premieres in these pictures, especially in the last two playmat pictures. Here's another picture that reveals that Quantum Cat will be a Continuous or Counter Trap Card, although the picture is blurred (likely on purpose):


Strangely, it seems like there are no Shatterfoil cards pictured here. The Shatterfoils are just hard to see in the pictures. In the draft pictures with the Quantum Cat and unnamed World Premiere mats, I think I can spot three World Premiere cards. Quantum Cat's picture has an unrecognizable Trap Card on the far left in the top row (which ironically appears to be the theme of the next playmat), and an unrecognizable Spell Card second to the far left in the middle row. The unrecognizable Trap Card's playmat picture appears to include another unrecognizable Trap Card, second from the far left in the bottom row. None of these cards appear to be named Ghosts From the Past, which is the only other officially revealed name we have so far.

Update: The name of the Spell Card I mentioned earlier is Bashing Shield. They won't reveal what it does yet, though.  It also looks like the unnamed playmat-themed card has the word Spirit in its name, and I think the unofficially revealed new Trap Card in its picture is called Swamp Marauder.


Update #2: I still can't tell what type Quantum Cat is, but maybe you guys will be able to since there are more pictures of it now. There's a World Premiere Spell Card named Card Advance in the picture below.


Update #3: A new monster card named Stegocyber is in the picture below.


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