Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Battle Pack 3: Monster League" Revealed

The next Battle Pack has been officially revealed!

Battle Pack 3: Monster League will be released at the beginning of August, although there is no exact release date yet. Here are some of the details:

1. While playing Battle Pack 3 in tournaments, there is a special game rule: all monsters are treated as all Monster Types. For example, a Sea Serpent counts as all 21 Types simultaneously.

2. There will be 10 World Premieres in the pack - 2 Monsters, 2 Spells, and 6 Traps. Two of their names were revealed in the article: Ghosts From the Past and Quantum Cat.

3. The pack will have a total of 237 cards, making it the largest Battle Pack set to date if you count Battle Pack 2 and its Round 2 set separately.

4. The pack will feature a Shatterfoil version of every single card. If you're not familiar, Shatterfoil is the broken-glass type rarity seen in later Duel Terminal sets.

5. Xyz Monsters will return, but they will be very hard to pull and will only appear as Shatterfoils.


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