Sunday, April 6, 2014


Congratulations to Alejandro Vivaldo Reyes Suarez, who just won YCS Mexico City, also known as YCS Mexico D.F.! Although he was originally playing Mythic Rulers throughout the majority of the tournament, players had to switch to Battle Pack 2 Draft format after winning their Top 32 matches. Also, congrats to Jose Lagunes Maitret for coming in second place; he was originally playing Mermails.

Konami didn't post as much coverage as usual for this event, but you can keep reading for the most important articles all collected here in one place. Thanks for reading!

A. Top Cut

Top 4:

Top 8:

Top 16:
(Note that beginning this round, players switched from their Advanced Format decks to Battle Pack 2 Draft Format decks. I've still listed the Top 16 AF decks since players had to win their Top 32 matches with them.)

5 Bujin
3 Mermail
2 Geargia
1 Mythic Ruler
1 Hieratic
1 Raccoon
1 Dark World
1 "Bear Control" (This probably refers to +1 Fire Fist.)
1 Fire Fist

Top 32
By Rank:
By Pairing:

7 Mermail
6 Geargia
6 Bujin
3 Dark World
3 Fire Fist
2 Hieratic
1 Mythic Ruler
1 Raccoon
1 "Bear Control" (This probably refers to +1 Fire Fist.)
1 Evilswarm
1 Unknown (Victor Alfonso Rodriguez Mendoza's deck type isn't listed on the site at this time. I've seen at least one person claim [very strongly] that this person played Chain Burn, but there isn't any evidence to back that up right now.)

B. Feature Matches

No feature matches have been posted at this time.

C. Standings Updates

After Round 6:

After Round 7:

After Round 8 (End of Day 1):

After Round 9:

D. Top Tables Updates

No top tables updates have been posted at this time.

E. Miscellaneous Articles


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