Friday, April 18, 2014

Dragons of Legend Spoiler Completed!

It appears that someone in Germany got a hold of the Dragons of Legend set early, so now we have a full spoiler! Be sure to check it out at, and for reference, here's a list of the 27 cards that were not fully spoiled prior to this development:

001 Legendary Knight Timaeus
006 Legend of Heart
008 Relay Soul
009 Guardian Eatos [Yes, this is the one and only reprint in the set. Because this was totally necessary. Lol]
011 Celestial Sword - Eatos
012 Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe
017 Battle Fusion
019 Pair Cycroid
020 Ayers Rock Sunrise
021 Doble Passe
022 Carboneddon
024 Ra's Disciple
027 Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall
029 Blackwing - Hurricane the Tornado
031 Black Wing Revenge
033 Assault Dog
034 Gate Blocker
036 Lionhearted Locomotive
037 Express Train Trolley-Olley
038 Construction Train Signal Red
039 Train Connection
040 Number 73: Abyss Splash
041 Number C73: Abyss Supra
042 Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos
043 Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon
049 Number C106: Giant Red Hand
050 Lillybot

Thanks to this list, we now also know that one card in the set - Number 73: Abyss Splash - is an OCG import. See you guys again next year for round 2 of this process, because it looks like there'll be a sequel!

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