Thursday, April 3, 2014

DSF TCG Errata Confirmed, DUEA Spoiler Incoming

First up today, the errata for Dark Strike Fighter has been confirmed for the TCG! You can now view it on the Official Database, making it official text that should be used anytime the card is played.

HOWEVER, the card can't be played in any significant events that we know of yet, as it is still banned as of this moment.


Secondly, just a short, random post taking note of the impending spoilers for The Duelist Advent. The set will be officially released in the OCG on April 19, so a full spoiler may be completed by April 16.

As of today (April 3), we have about 30 of the 90 cards in the set either fully or mostly spoiled, which is obviously only 1/3 of the set. So there'll probably be some major water-breaking coming in the next two weeks or so - I for one am excited!

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