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Primal Origin Spoiler Thread (Updated 05/05/14: Escalation of the Monarchs)

With all of the talk lately surrounding Dragons of Legend (out this Friday, April 25), you might have forgotten all about the other big bombshell set to hit the TCG this format - Primal Origin. The set's Sneak Preview will be May 10 and 11, and it officially releases on May 16. As such, preview articles for the set have been posted on Konami's blog this week, and so I will begin this spoiler thread for the set. Check back every couple of days to see if anything new has been posted!

(To see all Primal Origin stories from this blog, click this link.)

04/22/14 First update: RUM7 & Chaos Xyz | Artifacts

Although dated for today, Konami's article detailing Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One was revealed to the world yesterday. The article reveals the following card names and some rarities. Rarities that are unconfirmed are marked with a question mark. Card names are listed in the order that they appear in the source article.

058 Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One (Rare/Secret Rare? Most likely Secret Rare.)
044 Number C102: Archfiend Seraph (Ultra Rare)
043 Number C103: Ragnafinity (Common/Super Rare? Most likely Super Rare.)
042 Number 103: Ragnazero
041 Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (Ultra Rare)
062 Sylvan Charity

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6113]

The next article, both dated for today and released today, details the Artifacts! Here's the list of name reveals:

011 Artifact Moralltach
012 Artifact Beagalltach
013 Artifact Failnaught
017 Artifact Caduceus (Rare/Secret Rare?)
014 Artifact Aegis
015 Artifact Achilleshield
060 Artifact Ignition (Ultra Rare)
072 Artifact Sanctum (Ultra Rare)
049 Artifact Durendal (Ultra Rare)

011, 012, 013, 014, and 015 are all (Common/Super Rare?).

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6130]

04/23/14 Update: Noble Knight Brothers

I've decided that the World Premieres are important enough to have their own separate posts, so I'll just link to those here. Check out Noble Knight Brothers: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/04/prio-world-premiere-noble-knight.html

04/24/14 Update: Sylvan cards

Today's new article revealed the following names:

021 Sylvan Sagequoia
??? Sylvan Princessprout (This card is a World Premiere, and no picture of it was shown which is why we have no set number yet.)

Also, Sylvan Charity will be an Ultra Rare.

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6149]

04/29/24: A couple more Sylvans 

Reveals from today's article:

050 Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter
Sylvan Sagequoia will be an Ultra Rare.

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6162]

Another article was posted today! Although for some reason, it is dated for tomorrow (04/30/14).


Orea appears to be a Secret Rare.
Sylvan Princessprout was revealed: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/04/prio-world-premiere-sylvan-princessprout.html

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6171]

04/30/14: Madolche Anjelly rarity reveal

[Source: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/articles/?p=6180]

05/01/14 Update: Gladiator Beast Nerokius reveal and add-on names

Gladiator Beast Nerokius: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/05/prio-world-premiere-gladiator-beast.html

Spoiled Add-On Names:

081 Noble Knight Brothers
082 Noble Knight Eachiar
083 Sylvan Princessprout
084 Bujinki Sinyou
085 Vampire Vamp
086 Gladiator Beast Nerokius
087 Noble Knights of the Round Table
088 Avalon
089 Escalation of the Monarchs
090 Bolt Penguin
091 Phantom King Hydride
092 Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk
093 Rose Archer
094 Shogi Knight
095 Gimmick Puppet Des Troy
096 ZW – Sleipnir Mail
097 Number 48: Shadow Lich
098 Galaxy Dragun
099 Hundred-Footed Horror

[Source: http://www.ygorganization.com/prio-card-names/]

Many other card names in the set were also spoiled, but these are the most important in my opinion since these cards weren't even confirmed until this story broke. To see the rest of the names, check out the source link above. This batch of TCG World Premieres is interesting because it seems like every deck that's getting support except for Artifacts (Noble Knights, Sylvans, Bujin, Vampires, Gladiators, and Monarchs) is a deck that Konami has directly tried to strengthen recently.

05/02/14 Update: World Premiere Leaks

Check out the two new leaks here: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/05/two-prio-world-premieres-leaked.html 

Noble Knights of the Round Table: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/05/prio-world-premiere-noble-knights-of.html     sbdvj

05/04/14 Update: More World Premiere Leaks

Noble Knight Eachtar and Bujingi Sinyou: http://lordinvishilwants.blogspot.com/2014/05/two-more-prio-world-premieres-leaked.html

05/05/14 Update: Escalation of the Monarchs


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