Sunday, April 27, 2014

Card Analysis: Black Sonic

It's been a little while since I wrote something like this, but with Dragons of Legend being released this weekend and me being a Blackwing player, I felt like it might be a good opportunity to release another quick Card Analysis. Today, we'll talk about Black Sonic.

Black Sonic
Normal Trap
When an opponent's monster declares an attack on a "Blackwing" monster you control: Banish all face-up Attack Position monsters your opponent controls. If you control exactly 3 "Blackwing" monsters (and no other monsters), you can activate this card from your hand.

Just like last time, we're going to analyze this card's playability in a given deck (obviously, Blackwings) by comparing it to a card with very similar uses in the deck: Dimensional Prison. We'll take a quick look at the pros and cons of Black Sonic when stacked up against Dimensional Prison, and then discuss whether or not it comes out on top.


1. Black Sonic can banish multiple monsters: This is obviously good if your opponent is either stupid or is put in a position where they are forced to overextend or else risk losing the game.

2. Black Sonic doesn't target: This is extremely useful against a few specific decks, like Bujin and Noble Knights, that have important monsters who can easily protect themselves from targeting effects.

3. Black Sonic can be played from your hand: It's a lot harder to see a Trap Card coming when it's in your opponent's hand as opposed to sitting on the field like they usually are. Very, very few Traps in the game can be played from the hand, so this adds a surprise factor.


1. Most opponents are not going to lose multiple monsters to a Black Sonic: I touched on this a bit already, but with the hype this card has gotten, most opponents are not going to be dumb enough to swing with multiple monsters against a Blackwing deck that has either A) a Blackwing on the field and any set backrow, or B) exactly three Blackwings on the field with either any set backrow or any cards in hand.

You could always force your opponent to attack into it, but if your opponent's in that bad of a position to start with, it could be argued that you have a great chance of winning the game anyways. That would essentially make this card a "win-more" in that situation.

2. The no-target benefit is pretty narrow: There aren't that many impactful monsters out there that protect themselves from targeting effects, so while Black Sonic's ability to not target is great, there won't be that many games where it's a deciding factor unless your meta is full of decks like Bujin and Noble Knights.

3. The card is extremely easy to play around due to its activation condition: Usually, Blackwings play as a control deck that often only field one monster at a time. Because of this, not only will you barely ever get to activate the card from your hand to "surprise" your opponent (which usually wouldn't be a surprise to begin with), but having a single monster out makes it easy for your opponent to prevent you from fulfilling the condition for Black Sonic's activation. A single monster could simply be destroyed, bounced, spun, stolen, or even Tributed for your own copies of Icarus Attack to make Black Sonic instantly dead. There will also be times where you need to summon a non-Blackwing Synchro or Xyz monster without having another Blackwing on the field, which would also make Black Sonic functionally useless.

So, in summary: If the advantages of this card over Dimensional Prison rarely ever apply to real-world situations and most opponents never even play into what would make it so devastating in the first place, then it isn't really better than Dimensional Prison.

It might be a nice option to have on occasion for decks like Bujin and Noble Knights, but those are only two decks out of several different competitive choices in the current metagame, and you're not going to maindeck cards that only hit a small sliver of the meta. The next logical option would be to Side this card instead, but if you're specifically going into your Side Deck, there are plenty of other options that hurt Bujin and Noble Knights way worse than Black Sonic could.

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