Monday, April 7, 2014

Decks that beat both Bujin and Geargia

With what little info we have from YCS Mexico City, it seems that what most people predicted of the April format pre-Primal Origin is true so far: Geargia and Bujin and going to be on a roll. Both decks were somewhat obvious choices for success in the format since neither of them lost anything significant to the banlist (if at all).

Now, since I find both of these decks incredibly unfun to play against, I decided to take a break from serious competition at locals for the time being. But I realized that I can't stay away forever, and that Geargia and Bujin will likely still be at least somewhat relevant even after PRIO drops.

So that made me start to wonder: what decks even have good matchups against both Geargia and Bujin? I started a thread on Pojo specifically to ask people this question. If you have an answer and an account on there, by all means, go over there and check it out:

If you don't have an account there but have a Disqus account, then feel free to leave a comment here. But be sure to also mention a quick few words that back up why you think the given deck is favorable.

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