Sunday, June 15, 2014

EDWARD LEE WINS ARGCS MILWAUKEE! (with Coverage Highlights)

Congratulations to Hin Ting (Edward) Lee, who just won ARGCS Milwaukee with his Sylvan deck! Also, congrats to Matt Kolenda for coming in second place while playing Geargia. Continue reading for coverage of the event collected below!

Right off the bat, you're probably going to notice a big lack of coverage for this event. While I do not have any concrete proof of this, what I've heard in a couple of different places is that Jim McMahan (the owner of ARG) decided not to do the usual amount of coverage for this event, and I haven't heard why. Specifically in regards to the livestream, a few people have said that he wanted to "show us what we're missing" without it, as a response to the criticism the livestream has attracted over the past few months due to the rather... well, "colorful" commentary and other antics that often take place on and off camera.

Update: For a comment from Jim McMahan regarding the coverage of this event, click here.

Top Cut

Top 4 -

3 Geargia
1 Sylvan

Top 8 -

5 Geargia
1 Sylvan
1 Chain Burn
1 Dragon Ruler

Top 16 -

7 Geargia
2 Sylvan
2 Prophecy
1 Dragon Ruler
1 Traptrix Hand Artifact
1 Bujin
1 Nurse Burn
1 Chain Burn

Standings Updates

After Round 1 -

After Round 2 -

After Round 3 -

After Round 4 -

After Round 5 -

After Round 6 -

After Round 7 -

After Round 8 (End of Swiss) -

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