Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"To quit, or not to quit?" (A Shaddoll Discussion)

(Right off the bat, more experienced readers are going to take note: When it comes to Yugioh, a more accurate title might've been "To break, or not to break?")

Alright, so as you can probably tell, this is another post that is more personal than most. If that's not your thing then you've had your warning, but regardless, I don't want to take up too much of your time with this. As you regular readers might know, I took a break for the April 2014 format, and right now it looks likely that I'll be doing the same for the July 2014 format, due to the the fact that I really don't like the list update for it right now.

Everyone knows that Shaddolls are coming out in basically a month's time, and it's not clear right now whether I'll even want to come back into a game where Shaddolls exist. I know literally next to nothing about the deck, save the fact that everyone keeps saying it's going to be a new Tier 0 format. The reason why I bring this up ties back into the mention of banlists: through the past couple of lists, Konami appears to be saying that they aren't really all that comfortable with the idea of hitting decks faster, as the shorter format schedule allows. They also don't seem to like hitting multiple cards in a given strategy at the same time, instead opting for the "one or none" approach, which I'm really not in favor of in some cases.

Assuming that I do eventually come back to playing the game, I'm not likely to enjoy a Tier 0 format if that's really what we're looking at (the internet has a tendency to exaggerate, to put it lightly). But Konami's habit of not hitting things too hard could possibly leave Shaddolls, or any other powerful deck, in a dominant position for a multiple-format stretch. That could end up leaving me out of the game for many, many months - in addition to the months I've already taken off. And at that point, wouldn't it be good to just find something better to do with my time? Why even bother coming back?

So the basic tl;dr here is this: Konami may want to consider hitting things harder and faster, or else we'll be stuck in one big eternal format that only really changes significantly due to the introduction of powerful new decks or cards. If the same deck that made players want to take a break in the first place is essentially still alive and kicking (ass) many formats later, then doesn't that have the potential to transform our calls for breaks into calling it quits?

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