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Locals Report 11/23/12

I just got back and I have a headache and my back is hurting (as per usual), so I'll try to make this short. Here's the build I used for this event, with the exception of Daigusto Phoenix being a Papilloperative irl:

I went back down to 40 so I could try and get better hands after last week's depressing top 8 match, and I cut Judgment for the first time. Would it work? Let's find out!

Round 1 vs Chronomaly
My opponent was a small child; couldn't have been more than ten years old, could've been as young as five. I literally have NO idea

Game 1
At one point he had four monsters out while I had only one. I summoned Hyperion and he Tidal Wave'd me - gigantic misplay. It wasn't hard to clean up after that

Game 2
He drew basically nothing useful; my Card Trooper hit him directly probably three or four times


Round 2 vs Wind-Up Madolche

Game 1
I don't remember much of this game besides me opening with Venus, and him attempting an early Mewfeuille-Messengelato combo. I Bottomless'd Messengelato to keep Venus safe, and later dropped Hyperion to cause mass fatalities, one of which being Spirit Reaper

Game 2
I summoned Raioh and it met the Warning, and I Typhoon'd his Chateau to play Prohibition and call it. I set three more cards, and he Heavy'd. He went into Invoker with another monster already out and I scooped

Game 3
At one point he Reborned my Kristya and used it to hit Card Trooper; it later fell into a Dark Hole, returning to my deck. He used Mind Control to take my Venus and summoned Shark which got slapped with a Veiler. But he overlaid it with another monster for Papilloperative, detached Shark and turned my double-ball Gachi to attack. He used a Wind-Up Rat to bring back Shark and overlaid with Venus for Zenmaity, then did something that allowed him to summon a Leviathan Dragon. I used Dimensional Prison on his Zenmaity to return Venus to my grave so I could attempt to drop Hyperion, but he used Crow as soon as I looked at my graveyard. So instead I used Call + Veiler to summon Catastor and bash his 3000 Leviathan's skull in. Some time passed and a critical moment came when he used Dark Hole on Cat, then summoned Magileine. I responded with Call to bring back a Raioh, negating its effect. He later told me he had Double Summon in hand and would've been able to use Tiaramisu for exact game, but it was not to be.


Round 3 vs Skill Drain Dark World

Game 1
He pressed me with an Acid Golem and Grapha while under Skill Drain, and I couldn't do anything

Game 2
The only points I lost were to activate Soul Drain on his first turn. That plus a continuous stream of Bottomlesses and Dimensional Prisons while I swung with Earth over and over (and a late game Skill Drain) killed him.

Game 3
My cards just weren't coming together, and he kept summoning monster after monster.


Round 4 vs Inzektors

Game 1
He does stupid combos thanks to having double Call of the Haunted down and repeatedly using Hornet, and I lose to a bunch of black people cards including Brilliant, Adreus, and other stuff

Game 2
I had Shadow-Imp on the first turn and he got destroyed by nearly that alone

Game 3
Mirrors must like me or something, because I opened with it AGAIN despite only siding one copy. That and Prohibition on Centipede destroyed him, despite my temporarily subpar draws and him negating Hyperion with Light-Imprisoning. I just kept swinging til he died. It's also interesting to note that my opponent tried to Maxx "C" my Hyperion's summon. I don't know if he really thought he could, but my money's on "this fucker thinks I'm a noob and is really trying to cheat right in front of my fucking face." Hyperion went on to kill a Maxx "C" in battle two turns in a row lol. My opponent continued to have nothing for the longest time. On the final turn, he checked his options and tried to summon Centipede, but I tapped Prohibition and he tapped out.


Yay for Side Decks! Get that derp shit outta here.

Round 5 vs Final Countdown
This was my Round 3 opponent from last week, who had to leave for a social life after I won game 1

Game 1
He got Countdown early on, but I had multiple Hyperions and he couldn't deal with them

Game 2
Nobleman saved me from dealing with a Marshmallon, and Earth got in some early damage due to avoiding Messenger of Peace. Again multiple Hyperions raged across the land, and I was able to press him very hard while I had a Lava Golem. He never played Countdown, so I never really felt like I was going to lose despite him stalling well for many turns.


I managed to top 8 again! Top 4 each get 7 packs and there's no more competition after that point. Just one more round and I could finally have a shot at giving my binder some potential upgrades.

Top 8 vs Trapless Chaos Agents

Game 1
Temtempo shredded my Gachi, and my opponent unexpectedly dropped Kristya to stop my Gorz for the win

Game 2
He used Leeching the Light with three Shine Balls, a Venus, and a Temtempo out. I hate my life. I misplayed by absentmindedly setting my Call while Gorz was in-hand, but I later used Dark Hole to be rid of it. By this time I was at 500 though, and his 2100 Raioh hit my 1900 one, then his Gachi hit for game.

It's depressing to miss out on prizes two weeks in a row, but hey, what can you do. I'm guessing other life events made the loss as bad as it felt to me. Next week I don't know if I'll be able to compete due to having finals the day after, but I'll try and hopefully I'll do well.

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