Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full Spoiler: Astral Pack One (& Set Review)

EDIT: This is now completely confirmed. Cordero posted this picture just now:

AP01-EN001 Tsukuyomi
AP01-EN002 Debris Dragon
AP01-EN003 Photon Thrasher

AP01-EN004 Flamvell Firedog
AP01-EN005 Genex Undine
AP01-EN006 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
AP01-EN007 Inzektor Centipede
AP01-EN008 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
AP01-EN009 Terraforming
AP01-EN010 Moray of Greed
AP01-EN011 Mask Change
AP01-EN012 Hidden Armory
AP01-EN013 The Gates of Dark World

AP01-EN014 Chain Dog (EDIT: HYENA. Who fucked this up???)
AP01-EN015 Dragon Ice
AP01-EN016 Cyber Shark
AP01-EN017 Swift Scarecrow
AP01-EN018 Elemental Hero Ice Edge
AP01-EN019 Mystical Sand
AP01-EN020 Spiritual Forest
AP01-EN021 Closed Forest
AP01-EN022 Shrine of Mist Valley
AP01-EN023 Thunder of Ruler
AP01-EN024 Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan
AP01-EN025 Astral Barrier (oh Konami u so funni)

I deleted my last two posts concerning this, so let's go ahead and tackle the entire set starting with the Ultimates.

Tsukuyomi is a classic card that (to my knowledge) has never been foiled before, and this is a nice way to celebrate its release from the banlist. Debris Dragon has been used very commonly since its release in 2009 (can you believe that?) and I think his art in general lends well to Ultimare Rare technology. He has silvery scales, cool wings, and a swirling pattern in the background that look amazing to me. Finally, Photon Thrasher. I think a lot of people are fawning unnecessarily over this card; it looks good, but not THAT good. Also, it isn't even used competitively that often so I'm not sure why everybody is so excited for it. Overall, I think the Ultimates in the pack are pretty decent. They're cards that I suspect most people wanted to see as holos, but they aren't extremely relevant to decks being played nowadays.

The approaching Cosmo Blazer set and the recent Water-related releases make Flamvell Firedog and Genex Undine pretty damn relevant, so I definitely think those were good choices. Six Samurai, Inzektors, Dark World and (to an extent) Hieratics have all had recent tournament success, so I'm sure their relevant Supers will be worthwhile.

Now for the worse choices:
Moray of Greed is a good card, but it hasn't exactly been hurting for a reprint lately (see: Water Structure Deck) nor is it exactly relevant to (good builds of) the Atleantean Mermail deck topping tournaments. Terraforming is a decent pick for many decks, but it has not seen much play recently since many competitive Field Spell decks have their own methods of searching their cards (see: Gravekeeper's Commandant, Snoww, Unlight of Dark World). Mask Change isn't really relevant to competitive Hero decks (Hero Beat) right now, and Hidden Armory isn't really relevant at all. Hopefully this might foretell the un-banning of Premature Burial (and re-banning of Monster Reborn), but I can only dream! Overall, I think 6 out of 10 Supers being good is pretty decent.

Dragon Ice, Closed Forest. These are the obvious good choices, so let's move on. Ice Edge and Cyber Shark are KIND OF good reprints, but not really amazing or anything. I'm excited about the release of Mystical Sand, but the card is not exactly relevant to anything special. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with the choice of commons in this pack. I'm really tired of Konami purposely picking cards that aren't relevant for no real reason. You can't tell me that replacing Astral Barrier and Shrine of Mist Valley for Wind-Up Rat and Wind-Up Shark wouldn't have made this pack more appealing. Really.

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