Sunday, December 2, 2012

YCS Barcelona Coverage Highlights

THE WINNER: Jack Bruun, Macro Rabbit

Congrats for proving that Konami has not done enough to hurt this mother fucking deck. Here's his list, posted by Cordero as always:

It's a pretty standard list, really. Nothing jumps out at me as a special tech or anything, except that sided Gorz and the lack of Abyss Dweller is a bit strange. Otherwise, it's a standard "I set cards, haha you can't touch me" deck. God I hate this shit.

Here are the relevant coverage links (because Konami Europe does all of this shit for me :p)

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

TOP 32 (listed separately because this shit is important):

So what can we take away from this? Well, the top decks of the moment are Macro Rabbit, Agents, Mermails and of course Wind-Ups. You could also say Inzektors are pretty high, which is interesting because that means three of the four decks that ruined the previous format are still fucking shit up one list later. I'm of the opinion that Chaos Dragons are still good too, it's just that nobody plays them. What makes this so strange is that last format's list was actually pretty good, but it had the Konami trademarks of not definitively killing every problem, and as a result we are stuck with nearly the same shit over again, plus a couple of new decks. I'm not exactly sure why so many more Wind-Up decks topped this event compared to Seattle, but perhaps there is a new tech that helps Wind-Ups defeat Water, Agent and Macro Rabbit decks more effectively. Chain Burn keeps topping but never wins; I don't care, alternate wins really shouldn't even be that viable in the first place.

My apologies for not publishing a video for this YCS. It isn't because I think YCS events held outside of America are less important, but because I was driving back from GA :( But on the bright side, my semester of school is FINALLY over.

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