Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CBLZ Special Edition Promo Rumors, Missing Tournaments

Mkohl40 recently posted a video in which he found an image showing the two promos for the Cosmo Blazer (that's blazer with ONE a, not two) Special Edition: Wind-Up Shark and Blade Armor Ninja. These haven't been confirmed yet to the best of my knowledge, but they make sense. Although they aren't super expensive, neither card is exactly dirt cheap.

As I write this, on Troll and Toad a copy of Blade Armor will run you either $10.99 or $11.49, and Wind-Up Shark costs either $15.99 or $19.49. Shark is probably the most expensive card Wind-Ups have left; reprinting it would make them considered "budget" in the eyes of many more players, while Warrior type monsters are often fan-favorites and Blade Armor significantly boosts their power. Not to mention when the SE comes out, both of these cards will have been out for about a year - a typical timeframe for reprints. Keep in mind though that these are just RUMORS!

I haven't exactly had fun missing the past two local tournaments on 11/30/12 and 12/07/12, and it's looking like I'll be missing the one scheduled for this Friday (11/14/12) as well. I got some pretty horrific grades this semester; I'd be lucky to not get into a fistfight with my mom, let alone be able to use her car to drive seven miles to a tournament. I really can't deal with stupid stuff like this making my life worse right now, but it's not like it wasn't my fault that I did badly this semester. At least there's still time to return the books I rented before we incur fees. Sigh.

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