Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jump Festa 2013 Promo Review pt. 3

Yes, it's back again. I knew that after some time, I'd eventually think of other things you can do with this year's Jump Festa cards, or at least just see what other people are saying about them. So in this post, I'm going to cover more angles the cards can be approached from so we can get an even better picture of how good (or bad) they are. Let's get started!

(Just so you know, all of these new angles come from either the Wikia Tips pages for each card or this post from one of my favorite blogs.)

Radiant Dragon Wybuster & Darkness Dragon Collapserpent
Actually, in this case I no longer have any idea where I heard somebody say this, but for some reason I never made this connection when I first saw these cards: Reborn Tengu. One dies, you get another! They're SO similar to Tengu that I don't know how I didn't think of this before, but it's not like we didn't already know that these cards are really good. I get the feeling we'll really have to see them in action to get the entire idea though.

Kodomo Dragon
This is a Debris Dragon target, but I don't think the combo is that amazing if you're going to summon Black Rose. Since it's a Dragon, unsurprisingly it also works well with some other cards including Dragon Ravine and Masked Dragon. It also has 200 DEF, so Flamvell Poun can search it for you and it's Earth so Giant Rat can help you out. Foolish Burial is also there for you, and let's all be glad that Future Fusion is banned now because that works with this too.

Fishborg Archer
I lied, this isn't restricted to Water strategies that heavily. (or at least that's what I think right now) And since this is a Tuner, that is probably not a good thing. It's even level 3, so you can go into some really good Xyz monsters if you don't have a Synchro option available. And we haven't even gotten to one of the best things you can do that I somehow missed previously... Atlantean support! It also makes it even easier to summon Gungnir, who himself is a walking Atlantean trigger.You can also discard Nimble Angler to trigger it's effect, summoning other guys to the field to set up a play with the Archer you JUST brought back. Sync a level 5 or 7! If you remember, at a YCS earlier this format a guy named Chris DiGregorio topped with a new, Xyz-oriented version of Fish OTK. This card can probably work well in that deck due to being level 3, but also grant it some Synchro power now.

Fire Dance Longsword
This card works like the Fire Kings, so I don't know how I missed the amazingly unfair combos you can do with this and Call of the Haunted. The effect also activates wherever this card is destroyed, so Avatar Yaksha can trigger it while it's in your hand. Because this card is a Beast, you can also combo it with Terrorfang Direwolf (I like my name for it better) and Wild Nature's Release. Destruction is honestly SO common of a game mechanic that you'll probably find endless combos to do with this guy, including stuff like Scrap Dragon and even your own copies of Torrential Tribute.

Nine-Snaked Peacock
I didn't cover this card's interaction with Swallow's Nest, Monster Gate, and Troposphere, but overall it's a little boring. Not to say it isn't a strong card or anything (because it IS); it's just not the most interesting card to write about. It is really cool that the entire Wind attribute (that's 4 or lower) has a searcher now though. :)

Beast God Vulcan
More combos with Call of the Haunted and the Fire Kings! (Seriously though, the game is about to being ruined again.) According to the Wikia, you can also bounce cards like Gorz or Tragoedia from your side of the field (take your opponent's with Mind Control if you have to) to lock your opponent out of those effects and grant you a safe victory. Other than that though, this card isn't too complicated.

Armor Kappa
This card makes a great combo with Bahamut Shark, and can trigger Atleantean Heavy Infantry's effect by detaching it. It also works well with the Ojamas - Ojama Country can make this a 3000 attacker, and you can discard Ojamagic to use both cards' effects.

Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters
There isn't a tips page on the Wikia for this card yet, and I haven't personally thought of any other ways to use it, so...yeah. it is admittedly kind of a narrow card, or at least that's how I see it right now. Let's just hope that the fags out there who are attracted to lockdowns will fail at life when they inevitably try this one.

Token Christmas
You can do some combos with this card and Photon Sanctuary or Phantom Skyblaster, but I really do feel as if it's just too narrow outside of the Phantom Beast Plane archetype.

So that's it guys! Thanks for reading, and I'll be posting my 12/28/12 locals report sometime before the end of the weekend (hopefully). Later

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