Thursday, December 13, 2012

CBLZ TCG News 1 - Fire Fist

Every time I write some filler, actual news comes out and then I look like a loser with no life because I posted multiple times in a row. :/

In another bit of Cosmo Blazer news, Konami has launched the TCG product page for the upcoming set - you can check it out here. (Whoo for finally taking the time to embed links!!!) They give you a brief intro to the Fire Fist that confirms their promo cards will be OCG additions to the TCG set release, but they will also update the page over time with more news. So bookmark the SHIT out of that shit (yep), and check it often.

ALSO, in very exciting news, I will be going to a tournament tomorrow! I'm very excited. Hopefully the past two weeks of grueling practice will have paid off and I will do well, but if not, at least we'll have another great story for the history books.

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