Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Harpie Blackwing Deck Profile

I heard that the three new Harpie cards revealed from LTGY yesterday were ALREADY posted on Dueling Network, so I decided to whip this together for your viewing pleasure:

I think this is a balanced way to build the inevitable new deck that'll be used often in the wake of the new Harpie support being revealed. This deck has no actual road tests under its belt yet, so I'm just going to go through and list my reasoning for the numbers I used for the newest Harpie cards and the Blackwing lineup, among other things.

Harpie Channeler - The Summoner Monk of the Harpies. It lets you go into any Rank 4, including the ones specific to this deck, pretty easily. You do have to beware of Veiler and Maxx "C" though, sadly.

Only one copy each of Elegant Egotist and Hysteric Sign so far; we really don't have that many good Harpies to use with them so I wanted to go the safe route and stay down on them. You really only  want to summon from the Deck with Egotist if you can help it, and by that logic you'd only have three targets for it which isn't very reliable for playing more than one copy.

Hysteric Sign combos well with Hunting Ground ("if he won't destroy it, I sure as hell will") and can instantly grant you a large hand, but again due to the lack of playable Harpies and the other effects we have that are pulling them from the deck, I don't like the idea of running more than one right now.

I still decided to run two Typhoon despite having Hunting Ground and Icarus, because I feel like the chainability just makes it too good to get rid of. You never forget that feel when you zap a Compulsory in the End Phase, yknow? Plus it's good for getting rid of Wind-Up Factories, Call of the Haunteds and Solemn Warnings. 

Despite the potential lack of targets, I think two Hysteric Party will be really good. It not only lets you turbo into influential Rank 4s like Lightning Plover and Harpie's Pet Mirage, but also can get any other Rank 4 or simply gather material for a Synchro Summon or even a surprise OTK. 

I chose these Blackwings mostly because I needed a lightweight lineup that wouldn't have to go too deep into the theme but still be effective. Shura is a great beatstick that pressures your opponent and punishes passive strategies. I added two Mistral for him to search out which I feel is better than one; you might sometimes draw one copy and you don't want to be forced to summon your only Gale since his effect will be gone. There's no Kalut because ideally, the only BWs you really want to have out in attack are Shura and Gale, and I felt like just four monsters would be a bad ratio to try and pair Kalut with (though in theory you could probably use one copy if you really really wanted to).

This is just how I'd build the deck as it stands now; I'm sure the choices will change as we see more spoilers from LTGY. Thanks for reading!

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