Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Steelswarm Roach, Infernity Barrier, and Photon Strike Bounzer Reprints

I wake up to about six videos in my Youtube stream about the same. damn. thing. Good ol' Youtube!

Although I am sad that this tin did not include any actual Prophecy cards as I thought it would, the cards it DOES include are an incredibly generous offering. At the time of this writing, the following cards cost this much (per Troll and Toad):

Roach: 32.99
Barrier: 28.99
Strike Bounzer: 34.99

These are just front-page prices, so there could be even higher ones on the actual sale pages, but either way you can see how big of a deal this is. So let's talk about the ramifications, shall we?

Two of the best Xyz Monsters are now available for common use. We didn't have to wait a full year for Strike Bounzer, but Roach will have been out for about a year and a half by the time the tin comes out. Unfortunately, this makes Infernities much easier to play, and as a result you should be prepared to see more of them in your local area. Personally, I'm almost too happy about Strike Bounzer to even give a damn about Infernities, but I swear if somebody plays that shit against me I'll have their head. XD (Especially if they win.)

This is ironic considering I played some stupid noob on DN earlier today who, among other things, didn't understand that chaining his set Call of the Haunted to my MST targeting it did not save it from being destroyed, didn't understand that sending his Inferntiy Necromancer to the grave for a Synchro Summon left my Fiendish Chain on the field meaninglessly, and didn't believe that summoning his monsters back with Infernity General negated their effects even though it clearly states this on the fucking card. Let's have a picture, shall we?


There just always has to be that one promo that nobody really needed but that is reprinted for our pals in Europe, i.e. Endless Decay. (This is probably the only publication you'll even see that mentions him, lollll. He's not even that bad of a card, really.) I swear if I was in charge, that shit would be fixed SO fast. Also, it's a bit weird that Konami revealed every promo on the same day compared to the slogfest of the previous tins. But whatever, I'm happy!

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