Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Power of Soul Drain

Take a look at this powerhouse. Drink it in.

When I first saw this card, I knew it had some potential but I never knew exactly what it was good against until someone told me. But today, as I've continued to work on detailed Side Deck plans for my tournament tomorrow evening, I realized it hits even MORE things than I thought.

Before, I knew that Soul Drain could hurt Lavals, Atlanteans, Psychics, and Dark World. Now, I'm aware that it also badly hurts Frog Monarchs, Sea Lancer Frogs, Vayu Turbo, and Madolche. MADOLCHE! I've been looking for a silver bullet to stop that deck lately, and here it is! The effects of the Madolche that return themselves to the deck do indeed activate in the graveyard. That opens the doors for Soul Drain to kick their little high-fructose asses.

If you're aware of any other decks that Soul Drain hurts, feel free to comment them down below. I am definitely glad I've got this card in my Side, even though I didn't use it at all last week. Later!

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