Sunday, November 18, 2012

YCS Seattle/Tacoma 2012 Coverage Highlights

WINNER: Michael Stibbins, Inzektors

Will Prophecy Top?

Will Madolche Top?

Will Atlantean Mermail Top?
Billy Brake (Water) defeats Paul Levitin (Prophecy)

Cordero Spencer (Vexacus4666, Prophecy) defeats Machina Geargia

Alexander Thomas (Madolche) defeats Chaos Dragons

Amanda LaPalme (DragonDuelistGirl, Prophecy) defeats Malefic Skill Drain (thank god)

Water Mirror Match, Father-Son Face-Off

Jonathan Weigle (Wind-Ups) defeats Chaos Dragons

8 Wind-Up
4 Dino Rabbit
2 Geargia
2 Water
2 Agents
1 Madolche
1 Dark World

Simon He (Agents, siding Dark Magician) defeats Water – WITH DARK MAGICIAN.

Jonny Nagel (Machina Gadgets) defeats Bubble Beat

Jeff Jones defeats Stephen Silverman in a Water Mirror Match

Justin Delhon (Chaos Dragons) defeat Rob Boyajian (Water)

Dino Rabbit defeats Water

Top 128 Players After Round 8

Sorosh Saberian (Water) defeats Agents

Geargia defeats Wind-Ups

Dino Rabbit defeats Michael Balan (Dark World)

Joe Giorlando (Macro Rabbit) loses to Water (WHY)

Sorosh Saberian (Water) defeats Chain Burn

5 Water
3 Wind-Up
3 Agent
2 Dino Rabbit
1 Inzektor
1 Machina Geargia
1 Dark World

Inzektors defeat Machina Geargia

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