Monday, August 5, 2013

08/02/13 Locals Report: Nearing the End

I wasn't able to attend locals last week, but I'm back! Having ordered some new cards, I was fully aware that this might be one of my last tournaments with Frog Monarchs. My deck was the same as the last tournament I competed in, so let's get into it.

Round 1 vs Constellars
G1: He opened with Shock Master, which I was actually able to wait out but he eventually drew more monsters to attack for the win.

G2: I don't quite remember this game, but I won mostly because of Raiza.

G3: He opened with two Prohibitions (for Treeborn and Jinzo) and three other backrow, and as such didn't draw many monsters. He Dark Bribe'd my Typhoon AND Heavy, but ultimately Raiza saved the day again by spinning his lone Pollux.


Round 2 vs Prophecy
G1: He didn't open the combo, and I was able to slow him down by Typhooning his Fate and spinning his Tower. He scooped when he accidentally tried to play Master without a Spellcaster on the field.

G2: This became extremely long and drawn out, but my opponent made several misplays against my Slacker Magicians such as not Fate-ing her and using Book to turn her face-down before Wing Blasting her (while she had no materials, having been summoned off LADD crashing with a Kycoo). Earlier on I made a big misplay with Controller by trying to steal Blue Boy when Fate was going to flip it facedown, but the game ended in time so we got a draw. WHEW.


Round 3 vs Anti-Meta
G1: I didn't open with any Frogs, but I was able to tribute summon with my tribute monsters and constantly attack him. However, he eventually broke the chain by using Judgment on one of my Raizas, and summoning a Fossil Dyna I drew no answer to.

G2: I literally drew nearly every single Tribute monster in my deck with NO frogs, and he had Dyna again. That was the stupidest loss I think I've ever had.


Round 4 vs Evilswarm
G1: He didn't open well, and couldn't summon Ophion. His Castor ran right into Gorz, which I used to get rid of Ophion when he summoned it. I think he summoned another one, but I took it out with a Monarch and he scooped shortly after.

G2: He opened with Ophion, a face down and Dimensional Fissure. I summoned Swap and tried to get its effect through by chaining Typhoon to hit Fissure, but he used Fiendish on it. Since he hadn't set Infestation, I Soul Taker'd Ophion. I still lost after I ended up taking too much damage, combined with a lack of Tribute monsters.

G3: This went into time extremely fast, and it came down to me using Electric Virus to steal his Ophion and hit him with it, then guarding myself with Messenger. He tried to make a hit through it with Nightmare, but I had Scarecrow anyways.


Round 5 vs Mermails
G1: Got sacked out the ass when he opened with a combo that summoned Megalo, Gungnir, and Moulinglacia in the same turn. He discarded my Gorz AND Battle Fader, so I scooped.

G2: This took a long time because I had no outs to Master of Blades. That card is actually extremely scary to face with Monarchs, but oh well. Eventually he summoned Crimson Blader to harm me, but I stole it with Controller and killed Master. I dropped Vanity's Fiend but he had Pike+Infantry next turn. Eventually I summoned Constellar Ptolemy and used it to get Vanity back. On the next turn, I used Ptolemy's effect to bounce his set monster, then dropped Vanity and attacked for exact game.

G3: This went into time very quickly, and I was unable to deal more than 100 damage. Fuck.


Well, there goes hopefully one of the last tournaments with Frog Monarchs. It was a decent one, and I'm happy I didn't scrub out. Losing on the bubble still sucks (a typical feat for the deck), but it's whatever. Here's everything I bought or traded for that night, and I'll see you guys later.

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