Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gladiator's Assault World Premiere Review

Hey guys, here's a review of the World Premiere cards in Gladiator's Assault, released in November 2007!

000 Gladiator Beast Octavius
Looking through the ranks of the Gladiator Beasts, it's obviously great that Octavius has such high ATK, since he can be summoned from the deck at will to take down opposing threats. Destroying backrow is an amazing addition to this card, allowing it to emphasize its key strength more easily by clearing potential interference. But that key advantage is severely watered down by the fact that you're forced to either ditch a card from your hand, or shuffle back after battling - without even getting another monster in return. Oh well, I'd rather have a balanced card than a broken one. 4.5/10. 

081 Gladiator Beast Torax
Another Gladiator that doesn't allow you to continue your chain of summons. I'm no Gladiator expert, but who wants to just toss away your tag chain for a random ass draw? Its stats are also subpar, so good luck to being able to survive battles without any help. 1/10.

082 Test Tiger
I'm no expert on Gladiator Beasts, and my attempt to review this card should make that fairly apparent. While the other Gladiator support cards in this set of WPs are not hard to dissect even for an outsider, I feel like Test Tiger is a bit contentious. From my perspective, Test Tiger seems like the perfect card to help Gladiators since it instantly shuffles a monster back and gets you a new one, even activating the new card's effects as if it were tagged from a battle. However, that being said, I can't count the number of Gladiator decks I've seen over the years that do not run this card, which is baffling since to me it appears to be so powerful (unless your opponent has Veiler). For this reason I'll abstain, but if I were to rate it based on my perspective it'd probably get an 8.5 or a 9 out of 10. Abstention/10.

083 Defensive Tactics
This card is cool and all, but it would just be better to play Waboku since you don't specifically have to have a Gladiator on the field. It's still a good card, just overshadowed. 4/10. 

084 Dragon Ice
This card is a lot better now than it was when it was first released now that Atlanteans exist. It can be a little bad to rely on your opponent's choices to make your own cards move, though. There IS a lot of Special Summoning nowadays, so this card theoretically won't have too much trouble activating... it just kind of sucks to have it sitting there and waiting, you know? 5/10.

085 Tongue Twister
Why did its stats have to be THAT bad??? You get to draw two, but that doesn't mean you should have to endure a potential shitload of damage in the process. Of course, you can always protect it and send it yourself next turn, but that just screams slow. There are far better ways of drawing cards than using this guy. 2/10.

086 Skreech
It's cool that this card loads the Graveyard with Water monsters so efficiently, but I haven't seen any really good uses for it yet, and it's been almost six years since it came out. I know this card has a ton of potential in the right circumstances, but nothing has come out yet that makes him very good. 3/10.

087 Royal Firestorm Guards
This card is effectively a walking Pot of Avarice for Pyro-Type monsters. Although that monster type is not extremely common, you can't deny that this guy has a very strong effect and even has decent stats to go with it. 8.5/10.

088 Veil of Darkness
This card reminds me heavily of Skreech in that it could have a lot of potential if the right cards were released one day, but until then there is no truly amazing way to use it. 3.5/10.

089 Security Orb
This card is obviously not spectacular, but it does have a lot of utility. Even if it gets destroyed, it can still accomplish something even better for you. But overall, it just doesn't do enough to warrant space in most decks. 3/10.

So that's all for this review! It looks as if the average rating for Gladiator's Assault World Premieres stands at 3.8/10, which is pretty below average as these sets usually tend to be. It is hurt by the loss of one rating, but if we were to factor in Test Tiger at a rating of 9, the average rating would instead be 4.35/10. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next WP review. Next time I'll be covering the widely acclaimed Phantom Darkness, so watch out for that!

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