Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cowboy & Gustav Reprints in 2013 Tins!

Hey guys, the Oceania page for the upcoming Blaster and Tidal tins has confirmed that Gagaga Cowboy and Gustav Max will be reprinted! Although it isn't on the American page yet, there's a pretty good chance in my estimation that it'll be in the worldwide release. If anything, the American page is probably only a few hours or maybe a day behind Oceania.

So now, there's only one promo out of nine that we don't know about (since BLS was already confirmed at an earlier time). With Blaster, Tidal, Burei, Catastor, Cowboy, Gustav, BLS, and Bear all confirmed so far, what do you guys think of this set of tins? Leave a comment and let me know. Later!

(Also interesting to note - today, Cowboy's price is listed at a high of $24.99 on Troll and Toad, and Gustav's is $21.99. Can't wait to see how much they drop after today's announcement!)

{Edit (08/14/13, 10:13pm EDT): The American page has confirmed it!}

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