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03/03/13 & 02/24/13 Locals Reports

Let's start with 03/03/13 - my first tournament of the new format, which took place at GSG. As you can see, I replaced Sangan and Solemn Warning with a Marshmallon and a Compulsory. I'm getting a little sick of not having a Daigusto Phoenix, honestly. I don't know what it is that drives the prices up so damn high for Hidden Arsenal cards, but all I can say is that I hope it's not this bad when Constellars and Evilswarm come out, or else I'm gonna have basically no options at all. How do you keep playing this game and keep winning without money nowadays? Shit.

Anyways, back on track. I'm going to do the shortened version again, because I don't really feel like reliving this tournament. In fact, I haven't really felt like reliving any of these lately... Maybe I need to find some easier locals places or something? I need to win more so that I can get more prizes and earn more to support building the new decks coming out soon. What a vicious cycle.

Round 1 vs Madolche

G1: I opened with both Guaibas while he opened with the dreaded Chateau + Ticket AND two backrow. But surprisingly, I was able to hard Laggia without any problems, then later resolve a devastating Heavy and Grand Mole lock him to death. He managed to stay in it with Dark Hole, but died anyways. Winning a game 1 against Madolche is huge, because once you have access to your Side things get a lot easier.
G2: I resolved another strong Heavy (although nowhere near as devastating), and he resolved an even stronger topdecked Dark Hole, then Reborn'd my Hyperion and attacked me with it and Tiaramisu. Luckily I topped into another Hyperion, which I used to destroy Chateau and swing over Tiaramisu, then set my Venus. Whether he suicided both Hyperions or attacked Venus, he was going to lose. He decided to attack the set, so next turn I banished it to kill Hyperion and swing for game.

Oh boy, now things get hard...

Round 2 vs Inzektors 
Both games I pretty much just got derped on extremely hard while I couldn't draw anything to fight back. It really pisses me off when I don't draw Shadow Mirrors against the very decks they were made to stop. It's even more annoying when your opponent is laughing at you the entire match and openly contemplating all of the different ways they can kill you. Stop making derp shit, Konami. I seriously felt like quitting after this match.


Round 3 vs Samurai
This is the same guy I played against the last time I came here, but I'll get to that report at the end of this one. Game 1 was really pretty easy, as it was a rare time that a Samurai deck didn't manage to summon Shi En first turn. When he finally did, I killed it with Honest and then a derpy Reborn sealed it for me. Turns out Samurai are real pussies when they have to fight their own ace card. Game 2 was long as I had control for a while, but then had to stall against a Catastor for a long time. Eventually I killed it by making Zenmaines with Marshmallon and Venus and attacking into his Enishi. Surprisingly, this one eventually ended with Jupiter hitting directly three times - with its boosting effect!!! So yeah... fuck all of you who say Jupiter sucks.


Round 4 vs Mono Mermail
Up against another pro this time. Game 1 took a long while before I eventually lost. Feeling like I had nothing to lose, I decided to go aggressive for Game 2. Against an open field, I brought out two Hyperions and changed my double-ball Gachi to attack. He summoned Tragoedia to save him one of the Hyperion's 3100 blows, but was down to 4000 life. Then he fucking Dark Hole'd me. Lol, it sucks when people who are already really good draw the out on top of their skill level. Without going into details, I did eventually win this one though when his Abysslinde attacked into my 1800 Venus and I dropped Honest. Game 3, he resolved a first turn Heavy that killed my Soul Drain and some other good card. I lost pretty quickly due to drawing two Hyperions without ever having seen an Agent. So thanks, deck. Thanks for that.


No top, because there was only top 4 that week. Got a Gandiva and super Roach that day though, so it wasn't too bad... Okay, yeah it was. Anyways, on to the previous tournament. We'll go through this SUPER fast.

02/24/13 Locals Report

Round 1 vs Dark World: LOSS (Extremely stupid, derpy loss.)
Round 2 vs Dino Rabbit: LOSS (Super close game 2 I should've won, then lost in time game 3)
Round 3 vs Infernity: WIN (Fuck Infernity Barrier, I hate that fucking card)
Round 4 vs Six Samurai: WIN (Not a very hard match)

Record: 2-2, no top (only top 4 this week).

Thanks for reading!

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