Sunday, March 31, 2013

Locals Report - 03/29/13

Unfortunately I had to miss the previous week at Hobbytown due to mom being at work, but I wasn't going to let that stop me this week since I'm going to Atlanta next weekend. Here's the build I used:

As far as I can tell, there weren't any changes to the build from the last time I used it. So, I guess we should just jump in!

Round 1 vs ???
G1: I won the die roll, but started with a somewhat subpar hand. I summoned TKRO, set 2 and passed. He opened up with Foolish for Quillbolt Hedgehog, then double Gold Sarc to put Imperial Iron Wall and Solemn Judgment on layaway. What the fuck? When it came down to it, I disrupted the combo by Veilering his Catapult Turtle and then Torrential'ing when he summoned Toon Cannon Soldier. Then, I simply attacked over and over for the win. WHEW.

G2: He started with Toon Tables to filter through his deck while I gazed at the Thunder King in my hand. This one was even easier than the previous game; he didn't even get close to setting up the combo this time.

Quillbolt Damage Loop dismantled!

Round 2 vs Mono Mermail
G1: I drew pretty crappy aside from getting first turn Venus (for two balls), but he summoned Catastor to make Gachi irrelevant and OTK'd me shortly after.

G2: Drawing even worse, including none of my side cards and no Agents. After Battle Fader saved me, I topped Dark Hole at the last possible moment to keep myself in the game by blowing away Gaios, Megalo and one other card. However, it didn't matter and I lost anyways.

Kind of sucked to lose in front of this really hot girl who was randomly there, but I'm pretty sure the guy she was with was her boyfriend. Speaking of, there was an unusual amount of girls at the shop this week, all of them looking good. Mono Mermails may not be outstandingly unfair or anything, but the deck definitely does have way too many options. I think I might try to add a third Soul Drain to my side, which I conveniently just picked up this same evening.

Round 3 vs Six Samurai
G1: He opened with Shock Master thanks to the help of a copy each of United and Asceticism, calling Spells. I summoned Venus, and after pulling all three Dragon Balls, thought really hard. I glanced at the lone copy of Dark Mist in my Extra that I had never once summoned, and decided to throw caution to the wind. As it turns out, the power of Dark Mist is real! Thanks to defeating Shock Master and Grandmaster in battle and swinging for 2300 directly, I was able to win! My opponent actually lost sooner than I thought he would due to me making a math mistake, lol.

G2: He opened with Gateway and double United, going into another opening Shock Master and with two backrow. I summoned Earth and searched Venus. Next turn, he summoned another Kageki and got to four monsters on board, but was quickly repulsed thanks to Honest. Whew! Next turn, I summoned Venus, pulled double Dragon balls and made - you guessed it - another Dark Mist! Anyways, the rest of this game is long and not too exciting. It got to a point where I actually could've taken complete control, but didn't draw enough monsters to keep up the fight and eventually lost in time - thus, a draw.

Interesting record... anyways, Samurai are just a little too crazy. Even with my favorable matchup, they can still pull off some crazy shit. Kizan, Asceticism, United and Smoke Signal are just a little too busted to all be at three.

Round 4 vs ???
I got to my table early because the last match took so long to finish, and got all of my stuff ready while I waited. Eventually, my opponent showed up and told me he couldn't play, so I got the win. Awesome!

A couple minutes later, my friend Ray came up and asked if I wanted to duel, wanting to get a little practice before he went to a Regional the next day in Virginia. With nothing else to do, of course I accepted.

Practice Match vs Dino Rabbit
G1: Even though he went first and I didn't draw very well, I managed to draw it out for a super long time with Marshmallon and Reaper before finally dying to Cowboy.

G2: Another super, super long game. I topped into Hyperion after Hyperion in the late game, but they kept getting rejected by Fiendish + Dark Hole and then Bottomless. Finally, I topped into a Thunder King and hit for the win. After this game the next round was starting, so unfortunately we couldn't do a Game 3 (why do all of my practice matches get cut off before they can finish?).

Round 5 vs Chaos Dragons
G1: He started with Tour Guide, and even though I didn't know what he was playing I decided to Veiler. As it turned out to be Dragons, that actually ended up being a good call. I started with a gay hand of Guaiba, TKRO and Hyperion and not much else. I did get off a Laggia, but attacked right into his Night Assailant and lost it. I should've been thinking harder and not attacked the set, but for some reason I really felt like it was just a dummy card. It really made me upset when he started going off and I was still left with the dead Hyperion from the very first turn in my hand, never having drawn an Agent and being left unable to fight back.

G2: I opened up with Shadow Mirror and Dimensional Prison, but he used Royal Decree after I sided out all three Typhoons and Heavy. I did draw an Agent this game, but it was only Jupiter and I never even fucking saw Hyperion. This was a really, really upsetting loss. At least he was a nice guy.


No top, but I pulled Tsukuyomi! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it before trading it away at a cool $20 value (for a Volcasaurus and Tiaramisu), so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. Nevertheless, here's what I pulled or traded for that night:

I know I should've hung on to Tsukuyomi for a while, but I couldn't help but give it up. At least I traded for two Morays to add to my Astral Pack collection though. Tsukuyomi was definitely worth the awkward moment with our TO when she bitched at me for filtering through the Astral Packs instead of just picking one up at random, lol.

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