Thursday, March 21, 2013

YGO Market Advice #1: Astral Pack 1

Since I've recently been trying to do anything I can to increase the value of the cards I've got, I figured why not share with my readers some of the strategies I'm employing along the way? When Constellars, Evilswarm, Burning Knucklers and Yaksha come out I want to be ready to build them, with a binder full of capital at the ready so I can trade for the best cards in these new decks and stay competitively relevant. Wouldn't you guys like to do the same?

I thought so! So for today's piece of advice, I'd like to recommend that you pick up as MANY Astral Pack 1 holos as humanly possible, and hang on to them until about the end of April and beyond. Why? Well, it has been recently announced that Astral Pack 2 is going to be released around that time period, and I have a hunch that as soon as this unbuyable pack is out of circulation, the big pick-ups in it will start to climb in value. If for whatever reason you're unable to attend locals and earn the holos yourself, then stalk eBay or your fellow duelists' binders to grab them. I personally have two Tefnuits, two Terraformings, an Undine and a Centipede and will start trying to pick up more soon.

So which cards should you focus on the most? Obviously every Ultimare Rare (Tsukuyomi, Debris Dragon and Photon Thrasher), but also basically all of the Supers. The only ones I can imagine not really being that worthwhile six months from now are possibly Terraforming, Hidden Armory, Moray of Greed and Mask Change - but even in the case of those, I could see you being able to make a profit after enough time has passed. Be sure to pick up holo Firedogs though, as he is sure to catch on after Fire Kings get Yaksha and when Lavals become more relevant after Hidden Arsenal 7 drops next month. Tefnuit could also be a stable pickup, as it seems Hieratics are gaining in popularity from recent Regional tops in the lead up to YCS Austin this weekend.

So that's all for today guys! Thanks for reading, and I hope this advice helps. I make no guarantees that this advice will help you, but sincerely do hope that it does.

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