Sunday, March 3, 2013

03/01/13 Banlist Wishlist Explanations

(Check the original post if you don't already know the list I'm talking about.)

To be honest, I think each of these choices are rather straightforward except for Stratos. I chose to ban him to hurt the power of Hero Beat and disable the OTKs you can perform with him and Bubbleman. Also, I'm putting A Hero Lives and Emergency Call back to 3 so I really didn't feel like Stratos needed to be in the game anymore. You might feel like banning Dragged Down is a little extreme, but Dark World seriously needs to be put in its place. I forgot Shock Master in the original post, but it's really not a very fair card, especially turn one. Wind-Ups have been hurt, but that doesn't mean something else won't come along in the future that can abuse it. Shit, look at Samurai.

Again, I'll try only to explain choices that you might not expect, to save time.

-Ever watched Samurai play closely? Asceticism is the true source of their power. It gives them more summons to garner counters and gives them easy Extra Deck plays. Personally, I think it's a little dumb how easy it is to use to toolbox the deck and how much synergy it has. Plus, limiting this allows me to honor Konami's original decision to put Smoke Signal at three. Smoke Signal might give you a search, but it does not search and immediately put the card on the field for you. Big difference.

-Circle of the Fire Kings might be surprising to a lot of you because I doubt many Duelists have spent much time playing against Fire Kings just yet. But just trust me when I say that this is not something that needs to be at three. The uses for this card extend beyond just triggering your Fire King effects; it can be used to avoid banishing effects, interrupt the opponent's BP, and create big swings of damage against an open field that often mean game. It is not a very nice card.

-Neos Alius: Now you have to play an actual Hero deck instead of just exploiting this one card.

-A lot of people have pretty much forgotten about the stupid stuff Geargiarmor can do. The card should not have been able to reset itself. With new Machines coming out in LTGY, this needs to happen sooner or later: A few of you have probably already seen the new "Full-Out Machine" deck; if not, go check it out. While this deck is not exactly the end of Yugioh as we know it, it IS a good example of how far out of hand things have gotten.

-Grapha: This should have happened as soon as Trance Archfiend was released. If it gets banished, too fucking bad. Go get it back with your new three-of staple. I really have no sympathy for DW players.

-Inzektor Centipede: I think Inzektors are more fair with this at one and Dragonfly at three, really. Searching things to the field instead of the hand is more awkward for the Inzektor player, and keeps you from grabbing free Swords.

-Mermail Abysslinde: This card is the face of power creep. Just because she has a pretty face, that doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of her.

-Onslaught: It's a free summon for a monster, regardless of its power, that triggers its effect if you summon the obvious choices. This is actually similar to Abysslinde in that it's a sure sign that Konami is going off the deep end.

-Call of the Haunted (which I forgot in the original post) is retarded at three. If you don't think so, try playing against Inzektors ten times in a row. Mark my words: they will not be the last deck to break this card. It's only a matter of time before something else can.


-Tenki: Fire Fist is just stupid with this at three, and it makes things a little too easy for some other decks like Constellars and Fire Kings. Although I do like and play both of those decks, I think this card needs to be reigned in. Maybe on the next list, I'd put it at one.

-Master Hyperion: Another hit from a deck I'm fond of. This card really isn't fair at three because the chance of drawing multiples is heightened, and it's hard to withstand the power of multiple suns.


-A Hero Lives and E - Emergency Call: I felt I had the liberty to release these cards chiefly because of the banning of Stratos and Limiting of Neos Alius. E-Call really isn't that bad when it can't grab Stratos and can only get one Alius, and A Hero Lives is kind of a joke without Stratos.

-Lumina at three isn't so bad as long as Judgment Dragon is taken care of. Consider your request honored, Konami.

-Earth going back to three is okay, but only for the time being. If by some miracle new Agent cards are released that are even mildly playable, then it's back to two or even one for this girl. But for now, I feel like this is a decent tradeoff for losing a copy of Hyperion (who also should probably be Limited if new playable Agents come out).

That's all! Leave me your comments, especially if there were choices you wanted me to explain that I didn't get to. Thanks for reading.

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