Sunday, March 17, 2013

Locals Report - 03/09/13

Hey guys! Today I have a quick tournament report for you from last Saturday. Enjoy.

March 9, 2013

I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason I felt like I was going to do pretty well this time at Get Some Game. I had been practicing really hard leading up to that day, and it would also be the first time I'd be attending a Saturday tournament there. I assumed more people would show up on a Saturday than a Sunday, meaning more likely of a Top 8 and thus more of a chance for me. The only change since my last tournament was removing my one and only Mirror Force for a second Torrential. As always, note that I forgot to replace the Daigusto Pheonix with a Dark Mist for my real-life list versions. Anyways, let's go through this tournament quickly.

Round 1 vs X-Sabers
G1: Super slow opening hand. Sabers did what they were supposed to, and he spammed me until I lost
G2: He Maxx "C"d my first turn Venus, but I went for it anyways and he drew to 8 cards. He couldn't really do much though, and took a bunch of aggressive attacks and lost.
G3: The only monsters I opened with were my two Veilers. GG! >:(


Round 2 vs Fire Fist
G1: I couldn't keep up with first turn Rabbit and three Tenki
G2: I attacked him directly with a 2000 Venus three times and he still came back with Tensu into Tiger King to remove basically my entire field. I lowered him to 500 thanks to Warrior Lady attacking into Tiger King and dropping Honest, but he just kept summoning and summoning while I ran out of cards. I finally drew into a Torrential and felt good because he wasn't very good and I knew he'd play into it, but he topped a Typhoon. UGHHHHH!!!!

I really wanted to drop at this point, but the tournament runner convinced me not to by reminding me that there was relatively high attendance. Either way, I had a really bad feeling of what was coming up next.

Round 3 vs Tech Genus Stun
G1: He starts off by summoning Reborn Tengu and setting four cards. What the fuck is this, summer 2011? When he summons again next turn, I try to Torrential but he just Starlights me, so I was like fuck that.
G2: This one was extremely long, but it basically came down to him attacking through Messenger of Peace repeatedly with Warwolf while I couldn't draw a monster. Fuck backrow decks.


For some reason I don't have any pictures from that day, but I do know for a fact that I got an ultimate Giga-Brilliant. Thanks for reading this depressing report. I promise you, the next one will be better. ;)

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