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Locals Report - 03/15/13

I know I felt really hopeful last time and got my dreams crushed, but that didn't stop me from feeling like I might do well going into this tournament at Hobbytown. I will concede that the feeling was much smaller, but this week being a proper week, getting new shoes earlier in the day, and very little traffic on the way still gave me some confidence. For the first time in a while, I also decided to wear my Suicune sprite during my matches again.

March 15, 2013

Daigusto Phoenix was a Dark Mist in real life. The only change since the previous tournament was removing 1 Leeching the Light from my side for a copy of Overworked. Not only is it great against Fire Fist, Inzektors and Gravekeepers, but it also conveniently works in the mirror, which Leeching was partially meant for lol. I knew I wanted to take one of the Leechings out, but only made that decision less than an hour before it was time to hit the road. So I guess it was my anger about losing to Fire Fist last week that ultimately poked me in the direction of choosing Overworked as the newest addition to my deck. 

To my surprise, the layout of the shop had changed since the last time I was there (which I think was on 02/15/13 - holy SHIT) which made it harder for me to notice that there were over 60 people entering. This hasn't happened to me since November, so it was really cool. Anyways, let's jump in.

Round 1 vs Dino Rabbit
This is the same kid I played against on 02/15/13 with Dino Rabbit. Let's hope this goes as well!
G1: He had a bit of a slow hand, and I took advantage with a Venus + Hyperion opening
G2: I got out another Hyperion, but it was quickly met with Smashing Ground. His Dolkka got hit with Dimensional Prison, leaving both of us with very few monsters. Eventually I drew into Marshmallon and overlaid it with Reaper to make Zenmaines, who swung repeatedly for the win. 

Awesome start to the evening!

Round 2 vs Mono Mermail
G1: This took a very long time, but his advantage eventually overwhelmed me. So fun.
G2: This was a lot quicker, as he hit me with Diva+Marksman+Dragoons, then synced for Dewloren and bounced his Marksman back. Low life and a shitty hand made it hard to stay alive. 


Round 3 vs Final Countdown
G1: I literally summoned all three copies of Hyperion; meanwhile, he didn't draw enough defense.
G2: Crossout and Warrior Lady went in on him, avoiding his Fossil Dyna and Reaper and allowing me to attack continuously to win. Extremely nice guy, though.


Round 4 vs Machina Gadget
G1: He Maxx "C"d my first turn Venus. OH MY GOD. I continued anyways, and after a long game he eventually dropped all the way down to 100 life points. I made Leviathan and was going to attack his Papilloperative for the win, but I read his facedown as a single-response card and decided to summon my Guaiba which then triggered his Torrential. Ugh! Next turn he dropped Green Gadget and Fortress for exact game. :(
G2: After he Typhoon'd my set Soul Taker, a key Bottomless on his Fortress basically paved the way for me. Still took a long ass time though, and there were only two or three minutes left in the round. When we got done, we decided to just call it a draw so that we could both still top. 


Round 5 vs Dark World
This is the same guy that I played on 02/24/13, so I really wanted some revenge. I had no idea what I was in store for, though...
G1: This game was somewhat long, but somehow I managed to win! I really don't remember most of it except for him trying to lie and say that I attacked when I hadn't even entered my Battle Phase yet, and then he dropped to 100 while topdecking against my field of Gachi, Earth and Venus. He summoned something and I Torrential'd for the win. I hate liars, and I also hate people who look at my cards while fucking shuffling! Anyways, winning a game 1 against Dark World is huge. I knew that I had a good shot at winning now. I just didn't know if it would play out the way I wanted it to. Please let me win.
G2: All three of his Graphas got banished. GG!

I literally wanted to break down and cry after this round. Not only did I beat Dark World, not only did I 2-0 him, but he lied and most likely cheated too. It's bad enough to play a solitaire deck, but really man? I'm so glad you lost. It was even better when I reported my win to my Round 2 opponent, who upon looking at the roster, smiled and laughed. "You beat Sam...? Yesssss...!" That's a memory I think I'll have forever. I went into the last round a hero - whether I lost or not, this would be a night to remember.

Round 6 vs ???
This was the same opponent from Round 4 of the last time I topped here at Hobbytown - he was playing Genex Mermails back then, so my heart dropped at the thought of playing Mermails again. But to my surprise...
G1: He starts with Tenki for Bear! I don't remember much of this game, but I won.
G2: He had a lot of advantage, but at one point I made a strong comeback with Hyperion and Thunder King. Three Tenki is garbage though, and he played out of it.
G3: I drew both Thunder King and Venus in my opening - a tough choice. I knew Thunder King was great against Fire Fist at times, but didn't want to make the wrong choice as I did back on 11/16/12. But I reminded myself that Fire Fist doesn't have a Spellbook of Power, so I went with the Thunder King. Thanks to Honest mixing it up with his Forbidden Lance, this one ended fairly quickly. He told me after the match that he opened with two Tenkis, a Veiler and a bunch of other irrelevant stuff, then misplayed by not Bottomlessing my Venus. Awesome!


Who topped?! I TOPPED!!! Because of the length of the tournament, Top 8 split. Hilariously enough, I lost the die roll to my Round 2 opponent, meaning that I have still never technically made it past Top 8 at the shop even though I was considered to be 5th place after it was all said and done. I also pulled a Terraforming from my Astral Pack - the same as the last time I topped here. XD Either way, I had a good time. Here's all of the stuff I got that night, including the rares from the five packs of Abyss Rising that I was awarded for splitting top:

Not very good pulls, but Forbidden Dress is cool seeing as I can't afford Lances. Thanks for reading!

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