Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just a thought

At this point, Konami has basically acknowledged that the competitive community is a minority and that it is not especially important that they market the game towards it. So then why does it make sense to create banlists that appear to be based mostly on what "tops" the most competitive events that are held?

To state the question another way: If the vast majority of players are not competitive, then why not address more than just the competitive community in a given banlist?

Of course, the answer is simple... I'll quote an article from Samuel Pedigo where I feel he explains it best:

In this example he is mostly explaining Konami's financial marketing system, but you can easily apply this logic to how banlists are created as well. The game is marketed towards the people who are dumb enough to spend a lot of money on it. They don't quite mind hitting decks that are favored by the ultra-competitive, because not only will these players likely adapt to a new deck in the hopes of winning consistently, but they also are not the people lining Konami's pockets.

This game is disgusting.

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