Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cosmo Blazer Special Edition CONFIRMED

Alright, the CBLZ-SE is really fucking weird. Special Editions are normally released for sets that come out in January/February and August/September nowadays - Cosmo Blazer is one of those sets. Yet we hadn't heard anything from Konami about it AT ALL, which is weird considering that you'd think a business normally likes to keep their customers updated on new product releases, especially Konami. As of this writing, there is STILL no mention of the product at all on their official product page:

To add to the confusion, the set directly before Cosmo Blazer was released in November, meaning  normally it would not get a Special Edition. However, it in fact DID. So a lot of people figured there simply might not be a SE for Cosmo Blazer. And that's not even mentioning the rumors that if there was one, it would be Europe-only, but with promos that clearly do not cater specifically to Europe and that were hard to believe anyways because the cards in question were originally released as Super Rares.

So I was shocked today when I drove home from class, got on the computer, and saw this:

To be clear, I'm still not sure if this is even coming out in America. But we do now know at least two things, and that's 1.) the SE is indeed out, with rumored promos and all, and 2.) Konami fucking SUCKS at keeping us updated nowadays!!! Anyways, enjoy your cheaper Sharks and Ninjas, which at the time of this writing are going for $8.99 and $9.39 on Troll and Toad. Not exactly the most pressing reprints we were waiting on, but you can't deny that they are at least relevant, unlike the reprint of Gagaga Girl in the last SE (Wind-Ups and Warrior-based decks still have some popularity, after all). I know myself that these two reprints help me out a LOT, but maybe that's just me. Thanks for reading!

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