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Locals Report - 02/15/13

We're gonna keep this one short! Here's the build I used:

The Daigusto Phoenix is a Dark Mist, blah blah blah. Speaking of, that card is up to $28 on Troll and Toad right now...what the fuck, man? How am I ever gonna get one? I swear, I hope this bullshit doesn't happen with the Constellars (spoiler alert: it will). Anyways, the only change since last time I think is dropping the lone Maxx "C" from my Side for a second copy of Messenger of Peace. That card has been putting in some serious work lately and it helps in almost every matchup Maxx "C" would (plus things like Chaos Dragons and Heroes), so yeah. Alright, let's get into the tournament.

Round 1 vs Flamvell Haze Kings

This was my second time playing Kevin Petriella, who's a pretty good player in our area. Both games I pretty much lost to his Firedog killing something, then bringing out Hazy Flame Cerbereus (why didn't they just name it Cerberus?) which screwed me because I couldn't use my Dimensional Prisons on it. Battle Fader held me over for a bit both times, but it still wasn't enough, especially since I was forced to Mirror Force his Garunix and Firedog during Game 2. I guess to be fair, that deck makes a lot of the cards in my main deck dead and to make matters worse, I had no Side plan specifically for it. I'm still mad I didn't draw Soul Drain game 2 though, lol.


Round 2 vs Exodia

This is pretty much the easiest match I have ever played at Hobbytown. Not only did this guy really not exactly know how to play, but his deck was "thrown together thirty minutes ago" and it showed. Not only did he have random shit like Gem-Knight Sapphire and Sakuretsu Armor main decked, but I was drawing multiple Hyperions which are an absolute terror against rogue strategies. In Game 2, it came to a point where the only thing he could do to try and live was sacrificing one of Exodia's legs to activate Black Illusion Ritual, (I shit you not, Black Illusion Ritual) but fortunately I had set my Warning. GG!


Round 3 vs Wind-Ups

Game 1 he just kept searching shit off Factory and summoning Xyz that don't die easily (a Tiras + Maestroke combo during one turn) and I ran out of stuff to fight with. Game 2 I opened with Venus into Gachi, but he opened Magician + Shark and called monster effects with Shock Master. The next turn, I made a misplay here by not normal summoning the Jupiter I had in hand: if I had, I could've killed both Zenmaity and Shock Master and drastically changed the game. I stayed alive for fucking ever thanks to both copies of Messenger, but in the end he just wasn't running out of card advantage as fast as I was. The one point in this duel where his own Zenmaines was destroyed effortlessly due to him negating monsters with Shock Master (again) made me feel as if I kind of lost to someone who didn't even know what they were doing.

Keep playing on? Well, why the fuck not?

Round 4 vs Dino Rabbit

This match was against a small child. Even though he's very young, I knew there was something different about him compared to other kids around his age that frequent the shop.

Honestly, I don't remember this match very well. I just remember him drawing absolute shit all three games, and me just beating him down and destroying his stuff with Hyperions and other assorted monsters. Probably the most fun I've ever had playing against Dino Rabbit, except for the fact that I was beating a small child lol.

Well, I probably wasn't going to top. So it was time for the victory lap! This last match would determine whether I'd end 3-2 (not that bad) or 2-3 (pretty fucking horrible).

Round 5 vs Haze Kings

More Fire?!?!? Uh oh... No, I'm just kidding. This guy seemed to have just built his deck the same day, and didn't know the cards too well (letting his Circle get destroyed while controlling a face up Garunix, thinking that Barong would get its effect when destroyed by battle, etc.). Game 1 wasn't hard at all because he doesn't seem to play backrow outside of Haze Glory (and I got the freaking first turn Venus!), so I just kept attacking him and had the Warning for his Onslaught and the Veiler for his Peryton.
Game 2 was much trickier after a while: he managed to get off Onslaught at the one time I had nothing for it, and Garunix nuked my field of Gachi (with two Balls), Hyperion and Venus. For the first time I can remember, I made an extremely daring bluff and it worked. When he was attacking with his Barong and Garunix, I purposely picked up my lone backrow and thought out loud, whispering "hmmm... don't want to use it on Barong..."  which caused him to fear the number 1 threat to Garunix: Dimensional Prison. I needed one more turn to set the DD Warrior Lady I had drawn. He passed, and guess what I drew next turn?! Dimensional Prison! Some time later, Barong attacks my DD Warrior Lady and gets banished. Then Big Bird himself goes in to attack - I flip Prison, and he chains his Circle... which I negate with the one card I still had set from my earlier bluff: Solemn Warning. 

3-2! Not too bad, honestly. Here's what I traded for and pulled on that night:

Thanks for reading. Later!

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